British DPM Webtex Under Armour Combat Shirt


New DPM shirt at Flecktarn... "Thanks to the need to wear body armour in all conditions, hot or cold, a new generation of uniform shirts is being produced in order to optimse comfort whilst maintaining a uniform appearance. The Webtex under body armour combat shirt (UBACS) is designed especially to be worn under the very latest issue body armour systems (including Osprey) and assault vests. 

By utilising high performance anti-static, UV protective, lightweight and breathable Coolmax fabric for the chest and torso, the shirt helps to wick away moisture and divert heat away from parts of the body which are usually covered with body armour or assault vests and rucksacks, trapping heat and sweat and leading to chafing and discomfrt. The sleeves and collar are made of IRR (infra-red reflective), fire retardant, MoD specification DPM camo. These exposed areas of the body therefore benefit from being camouflaged as a result, and also maintain a uniform appearance when placed beside a regular Soldier 95 uniform. One quarter length zipper from neck down helps to protect the neck and reduces pressure areas by doing away with buttons. Shoulders are padded to distribute weight, and both upper arms have large angled pockets with large looped velcro patches for attachment of nationality, blood group and identity patches. Zippers above the elbows on each sleeve enable the lower part of the sleeve to be detached if desired. Elbows and arms are also padded, and cuffs are adjusted with velcro. Sizes are: Small (82cm or 31.5 inches), Medium (96cm or 38 inches), Large (110cm or 43 inches), XLarge (124cm or 50 inches)."

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