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Cheating At A U.S. SpeedSoft Tourney?

Airsoftology: Cheating At A U.S. SpeedSoft Tourney

Was there cheating? Well, it is a topic that Jonathan Higgs talks about in this episode of the Airsoftology Q&A, so watch the video to find out what tournament was that. Furtheron, he touches on knock-off EOTechs, Elite Force, and two-tone airsoft guns if they are cool or not. Interesting questions, eh?

"Tippmann Mail Call:

2:47 - Why knockoff EOTech scopes are a bad idea
5:54 - Was the TacCity SpeedQB Tournament Rigged?
SpeedQB Official Rules-
8:53 - Why is Elite Force (Umarex USA) so slow to release new items?
11:26 - Are two-tone airsoft replicas "not cool"?

13:19 - Code Red Headsets Video of the Week: History Lesson: How Airsoft Has Changed In The Last Ten Years - Gun Gamers."