Customising The M4 QGK Yankee FM-01 AEG


6mm Mecanica Customising The M4 QGK Yankee FM-01 AEG

6mm Mecanica did some custom work on the M4 QGK Yankee FM-01 AEG, explaining the custom parts and the paintjob they did... "Right after the QGK M4 was thrown into the water (review link below) we rushed to the workshop to redo - as quickly as possible - the entire maintenance process and a cleaning in the composition of external parts of the equipment.
Customization was also made. There's the result!

The spray paints used are from the MTN brand (Montana):

  • RV9011 Matte Black
  • RV181 Green labyrinth
  • RV141 Gondola Brown
  • RV137 Kraft"

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