Desert Eagle V2 Gel Blaster At TacToys


TacToys Desert Eagle V2 Gel Blaster

A look at the Desert Eagle V2 Gel Blaster available at Tac Toys... "The Desert eagle has still remained such a popular blaster due to being such a simple, well built, affordable entry range blaster, providing a great introduction into hobby or a reliable sidearm. The desert eagle is built from a high quality nylon shell, metal pistol grips, simulated blowback and a great rate of fire. If you’re looking to get into the hobby of gel blasting, want a reliable sidearm that’s incredibly fun and easy to use, then we highly recommend picking the Desert Eagle V2.

This video shows you inside the box, close up footage, an explanation of all parts and features, how it fires and why you should consider purchasing the Desert Eagle V2."

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