Elite Force M3 MAAWS Worth Your Money?


Sports and Gadgets Elite Force M3 MAAWS Worth Your Money?

Sports and Gadgets have reviewed the Elite Force M3 MAAWS by VFC, designed for the US market. This airsoft "bazooka", the first of its kind by VFC, is made with a nylon fiber-reinforced polymer main structure, reducing the weight from a potential 10 kg to about 4 kg. Despite this, key components are still metal for maximum durability. The M3 MAAWS offers realistic loading and firing operations built to closely replicate the real M3, complete with dummy rifling, adjustable iron sights, and a "venturi locking device" for breach sealing. It includes a simulated 84mm dummy rocket that can be modified to add firing functionality.

By removing the dummy rocket cap, a standard 40mm airsoft gas grenade can be installed to fire BBs or rubber caps. The system is powered by standard green gas and features a MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail for adding accessories like optics and lasers.

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