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Enola Gaye WP40 In Stock At Airsoft Atlanta

Airsoft Atlanta EG WP40

The Wirepull WP40 grenades from Enola Gaye are available at Airsoft Atlanta for offline ordering... "Enola Gaye WP40 smoke grenades are perfect for airsoft. Easy 'wire pull' style.  With a very low amount of ignition, they are Georgia legal under current fireworks laws. Multiple colors available! To use, simply pull the wire tab out sideways (do not pull straight up, that will break it) as to produce friction inside the grenade. Out deploys tons of safe, non-flammable smoke! There are risks associated with using it in dry brush, etc, so we take no responsibility for its use (a small flame may appear).

All sales in-store require a signed waiver and disclaimer on its use. Use and sales to 18+ year olds only (we ID all buyers). Do not use indoors.The wire pull smoke grenades emit around one full minute of colored smoke (some colors last longer than others). These are not your typical fireworks grade junky ones - these make HUGE plumes of wild smoke, yet are very safe to use. Come stop by and check them out.

*Please note, the 2017 Black Color WP40 costs slightly more to produce, so the retail price is a little bit more than all the other colors.

Perfect for film, photography, music videos, airsoft, tactical training, etc.

We only sell these in-store at our Atlanta shop. You cannot order these online, as we cannot ship them. Any orders placed online will be cancelled. We cannot ship them without a hazmat license."