Evike Specna Arms "Go Package"


Evike Specna Arms "Go Package"

Take your pick of "Go Packages" of Specna Arms starter packs being offered by "The Evike 'Go Airsoft Starter Package' has been carefully curated to include the base essentials needed to get your AEG up and running for your first Airsoft game.Everything chosen for this package consists of highly recommended add-ons from both experienced players and technicians alike; great for first time players or for anyone looking for a backup set of accessories.The package includes: two high quality Matrix 9.6v butterfly type rechargeable battery packs so you will have a spare to swap to while the other charges, a universal smart charger that will optimally charge your batteries every time, a spare magazine to allow you to carry extra ammo out onto the field, a quick acquisition red dot optic for easy aiming, and finally an Airsoft Safety Sack to store your gun in during transport."

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