The Great Enigma Of Nicks In Airsoft


0'20 Magazine The Great Enigma Of Nicks In Airsoft

Javier of 0'20 Magazine discusses the use of nicknames or callsigns taken by airsoft players... "Surely you know Hooten, Arkadi, Zaitsev, Gaviotto... but what if we call them by the name that appears on their ID? Surely you not only fail there but your eyes open wide when you see what they are really called. This is because in airsoft the nickname we choose becomes something really important. So, in addition to getting superphilosophical about the importance of nicknames in airsoft, O'Hara tells you where his nicknames come from, because of course we can give you the spoiler that the only thing that is Irish about this man is his looks. Beer that is drunk."

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