Gunfather Milsim's Thoughts on HPA Airsoft


Gunfather Milsim's Thoughts on HPA Airsoft

Gunfather Milsim talks about the issues of HPA Airsoft, which of course is subject to a lot of debate in airsoft communities... "This is a short section I have pulled from the Live Q&A from 17OCT21. I know this one will trigger a few of you out there because modding guns to get around the limitations of the rules is how you have fun. I get that and to some degree I can totally relate to it. However, I think it is important that each of us step back and look at the long term effects on the sport of airsoft/milsim as a whole of this approach to gaining an advantage over the competition. These set ups discourage new players from the sport and cause headaches for field owners as they try to keep ALL their customers happy and returning to play. This is why IMO several larger CQB fields have established separate games for HPA players. Evolution is normal in all sports but it must be tempered with reasonable restrictions to maintain fairness. This is a 'sport' after all. My two cents. Reminder - You don't have to agree with me."

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