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Hyperdouraku on the New Generation Marui G36K, CQB-R, MP5A5, and SAS

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Fri, 10/09/2009 - 07:29

(UPDATED by Bancha) Our gratitude to Bancha who is reporting from Japan. Now, it can be said that there's a new line of new generation of AEGs and gas powered airsoft guns from Tokyo Marui as posted by Hyperdouraku during the 2009 Nippon Hobby Show If you need something apart from the new gen M4 and AK from TM with their much regarded electric blowback and recoil engine or fast shooting, you can rejoice with the upcoming G36K, MP5, CQB-R M4, and SAS. They also now have a gas-powered rifle and pistols for the variation line in the works.

All photos here, from our good friend Yas of Hyperdouraku.Rough notes are translation from Japanese made by Bancha.

TM New Generation G36K

Translated Hyperdouraku Notes:

  • "shoot and recoil engine"
  • 3x micro scope
  • mini-s size 1300mA ni-mh
  • regular price 49800JPyen
  • (Spindle weight are inclreased so recoil maybe be increased too)
  • (launch schedule is 2010 JAN)
  • (variation is cheduled maybe G36kv and MG36)
  • (bolt stop working!)
  • (full stroke)

UPDATE 09/10/2009 NOTES:

  • length:615/860mm (when stock extended)
  • weight: 2900g
  • inner barrel: 300mm
  • capacity :50
  • price: 49800yen
  • launch at Dec 2009
  • battery: mini-s

  • 300g recoil weight included for better recoil feedback than other new gen EAGs
  • Sound is so sexy at each shot.
  • Mag is compatible Normal AEG Mags. so autostop function is NO.
  • and we cannot shoot last BBs in chamber.
  • High cap mag(470BBs) is available.
  • carry handle include 3x scope. This is detachable.
  • Motor is EG1000. ambient selector. but bolt release button on fore
  • trigger isa  dummy.
  • one pin can take down handguard and battery is there
  • and there we can look gas piston. this piston move with shoot recoil engine.
  • charging handle also move each shoot. full stroke.
  • Handle knob can swing left and right
  • outer barrel is aluminium

MP5A5 and SAS

  • "25shot per second in 8.4V battery"
  • price maybe 30000JPyen or so (not final)
  • (launch schedule is later in 2009)

UPDATE 09/10/2009 NOTES:

Hyperdouraku expects price as MP5A5 29800yen and SAS 32800yen. Launch day will be later Nov or earlier Dec

  • SAS includes retractable stock.
  • Stock's arm become silver (It's also MP5) This is made Zinc dicast and
  • plated nickel
  • and more coated mat chrome. By coating these plate caurses strong.
  • To make high-cycle, TM make EG-30000HC motor with bearings.
  • and bearings in mecha-box is oiles metal bearings. and centered high
  • trorque gears.
  • power is less than normal. maybe 80mps
  • MP5 drum mags will be released as optional parts.

HK P30

  • trademark is used on formal contracts.
  • punch marks are correct.


TM HK P30 Electric blowback Handgun

  • price maybe 3480yen

  • semi and auto

TM Pro-Catch

TM New Gen M4 CQB-R

  • new generation EAG series
  • CQB-R blk and tan
  • aluminium CNCed 10.3inch barrel
  • Tango-down type short certical grip
  • VLTOR type EMOD stock
  • LMT type rear-sight
  • shoot and recoil engine
  • autostop feature embarkation
  • regular price 54800yen

New optional parts are avilable soon

  • Sling mount
  • RAS
  • AN/PEQ-16 type battery case
  • fore grip
  • rail cover
  • EMOD stock

Other upcoming Handguns from TM Release Expected by Early 2010

  • Springfield XD M 40 and not sure what is powered with
  • HK45 Gas Blow Back
  • S&W M&P Gas Blowback
  • Px4 Gas Blowback  with customed sight, adjustable grip and metal outer barrel
  • Detonics.45 Variation Line


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