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The Island: Specna Arms Retribution Event

Adriatic Airsoft-Alfa The Island: Specna Arms Retribution Event

Adriatic Airsoft Alfa are preparing for their next event on the island of Mrčara off the coast of Croatia called The Island: Specna Arms Retribution which means this is presented by Specna Arms. This is set in June 2019... "After the “Black Berets” conflict, Colonel Semjonov forces got in possession of nuclear missiles launching codes and took control over NATO’s launching command center.

However, nuclear missiles can be ready for launching within 24 hrs if they start now with filling missiles with rocket fuel which is still under NATO forces control.

So, Col. Semjonov ordered total offensive at remaining nato forces with one goal: exterminating last one of them and founding rocket fuel.

But in the meantime, general Donovan manage to regroup remaining NATO forces and decide to play last card possible…ALL or NOTHING!!!"