KSC KRISS Vector Gas Blowback SMG


Target-1 KSC KRISS Vector Gas Blowback SMG

A rare one to see nowadays is the KSC KRISS Vector GBB SMG, more known as the KWA KRISS Vecor GBB SMG and it is the first licensed KRISS airsoft replica in the market as well as the first GBB. Nowadays, official KRISS products from airsoft are via Krytac. TARGET-1 Shooting Range shows one that they have at their shop... "There are various variations of real guns from 9mm to 45 caliber, but KSC reproduces the 45 caliber model with gas blowback! Faithfully reproduces the characteristic recoil suppression mechanism of a real gun! As of 2023, it is quite difficult to obtain a new product, but please enjoy the powerful blowback model to the end."

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