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Navy SEAL Top 3 Shooting Drills

Tactical Rifleman Navy SEAL Top 3 Shooting Drills

In this episode from the Tactical Rifleman, a Navy SEAL shows his top three shooting drills... "Ok Tactical Rifleman Nation, this week I am giving my loyal viewers my Top 3 shooting drills. As we all know, shooting drills can be anywhere from super basic to ultra-complex and everything in between. Throughout my career I have honed my rifleman skills utilizing a variety of these drills. In the Teams, I would say we train both for marksmanship and instinctive fire.  The 3 drills I chose are essentially a hybrid of those disciplines. I believe that zero time is ever wasted training and constantly revisiting fundamentals. Additionally, a slow and steady evolution in your shooting speed is also a must. These drills are perfect if you have confined range space but unfortunately, I don’t see them being allowed in an indoor facility."

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