New GBB Pistols & Xcortech X3300W


A short list of new items from Tiger111HK this week. They have in stock the full metal Army Metal M1911A1 V12 Custom GBB Pistol and the KSC Metal Slide G34 GBB Pistol which are both in black colours. Also, for those who have been looking for the XCORTECH X3300W Advanced BB C.Sys Shooting Chronoscope, they better order it right now as it's available and is usually snapped up by customers.

Army Metal M1911A1 V12 Custom GBB Psitol (R30, Black)


  1. Comes with V12 style Metal Slide with marking, ball stirrup cuts, adjustable target type rear sight and dummy fire pin.
  2. Comes with V12 style Metal outer barrel with .45 marking, extended metal recoil spring guide and spring cap.
  3. Comes with a MEU style metal lower frame with checkered pattern grip (a silver patch included).
  4. Comes with a custom hammer spring housing with magwell.
  5. Comes with D-shape hammer and beavertail grip safety.

KSC Metal Slide G34 GBB Pistol (Black)


  1. Comes with G18 style metal outer barrel with marking.
  2. Metal Slide with “G34 Milspec” marking.
  3. Plastic Lower Frame with Milspec marking and comes with an extended slide stop.
  4. 4) Included 23 rounds KSC G17 Magazine.
  5. Compatible with KSC 49 rounds long mag.

XCORTECH X3300W Advanced BB C.Sys Shooting Chronoscope (BK)


  1. Package comes with PEQ type Command Box, BB Tracer Unit, Burst ECU set.
  2. Command Box has 5 main modes:
    1. ROF (Rate of Fire)
    2. SPD (Muzzle Velocity in FPM or MPS)
    3. DN (count the BB shoot until 0),
    4. UP (count the BB shoot from 0), 
    5. ST (Setting for different band, unit display and burst mode) .
  3. Tracer Unit is suitable for both AEG and GBB alone or with Command box.
  4. Tracer Unit works as BB Tracer and detector of Command box.
  5. ECU Set can change the Full auto mode into Burst mode.
  6. ECU Set Only use on AEG only.

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