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PTW Motor Codename "KUMI" Announced

PTW Kumi Motor

What Systema Engineering has just revealed is their newest and greatest motor release for use with their PTW series. PTW users have always dealt with the motor the of Systema PTW, even with the N7511-type motor that was released in April 2013. According to Kumi Yoshinoda, Systema Engineering CEO, "the reaction of the market [to the N7511 motor] was unsatisfactory."

Faced with this problem, Systema poured in much energy, money, resources to work on the best performing motor for the PTW. After all the testing, trials, and further adjustments, they are finally satisified. Kumi is actually putting her name on this motor, thus it's called Codename "KUMI", which speaks a lot of her faith on this motor that will finally resolve the issues and satisfy the loyal customers of the PTW Series.

The product will be released tomorrow, 03 February 2014. Get in touch with your retailer asap if you want to be one of the first to get this motor.

Download the story and specifications of the KUMI Motor here.