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Venture Shop QGK M4 Yankee S-1 AEG

Venture Shop got another AEG being sold under the QGK brand to review, the QGK M4 Yankee S-1 AEG... "A review for you the Yankee S-1 from QGK! Ideal equipment for those who are starting in the sport, as it adapts to all environments with a great cost-benefit. Press play on the video and see this AEG in action!

With a beautiful design and high resistance, it came to detonate in terms of quality and cost benefit. AEG made of polymer with high quality metal trigger.

It has a Carry Handle, making it easy to transport your M4. The Yankee S-1 model has 3 shooting modes, namely: SAFE ACTION, SEMI AND FULL AUTO. For greater accuracy of your shots, it has an adjustable Hop Up, delivering greater performance with adjustment in the course of your BB's and GearBox that comes with the model is the V2!

The M4 Yankee S-1 has a HandGuard RIS 22 mm, offering the shooter the option to customize this rifle with various accessories of your choice, giving a much more real and tactical look to arrive in your operations with a super different M4.

For easy transport, it has a metal front loop for fastening the sling. Its stock is retractable with adjustment in 5 positions. The rifle is 88 cm long with the stock closed, with the stock open it reaches 88.5 cm!

The AEG M4 Yankee S-1 Airsoft Rife can reach an incredible speed of 380 FPS with BB's .20g! Its Hi-Cap model magazine has a capacity of 300 BBs."

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