QGK M4 Zulu S-1 AEG Review


Venture Shop QGK M4 Zulu S-1 AEG Review

Venture Shop in Brazil got an M4 AEG called the QGK M4 Zulu S-1 and here is their review... "Today's review/test is about equipment for those who are just starting out in the sport, as it adapts to all environments with a great cost-benefit that only VentureShop offers, check it out!

This M4 airsoft rifle is a Zulu model and has a high-strength polymer body, so you will avoid excessive fatigue during matches. It has a handguard and a 22mm full ris rail, for attaching a scope, Red Dot, or any other accessory.

The stock is retractable, allowing adjustment in 5 different positions of length of the Airsoft Rifle, ideal for better adaptation of the shooter. Its size with closed stock is 69cm and can reach up to 77cm. Contains metal front loop for sling, adjustable hop up, Semi/Full and safe shooting modes.

With great performance, it reaches a great speed of 380 FPS with BB's 0.20g, it has great accuracy with a range of approximately 50 meters, with a magazine capacity for up to 300 BBs.

It has an adjustable hop-up that allows you to adjust the course of the bbs, gaining greater accuracy in shooting. The integrated hop-up system allows it to be easily adjustable with quick and easy access.

This is a light weapon, with high shooting performance, first-class finish, with an excellent cost-benefit ratio! Not to mention that it comes with a lipo battery that is installed in the butt of this m4.

A rifle that can be customized with various accessories of your choice, leaving a much more tactical look!"

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