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Russian Mania Workshop: No AKMS, No Inokatsu (at Airsoft-News.EU)

Russian Mania Workshop

We were prompted by a reader regarding a posting made by the great guys at regarding an issue of Russian Mania Workshop with the Inokatsu AKMS. Since the customers of Russian Mania Workshop waiting for this AKMS airsoft replica many not be able to receive their pre-orders, we might as well give a helping hand to inform you that Russian Mania Workshop is doing its very best to be of service and will be refunding their customer payments even at taking a loss due to Paypal transaction fees. That's excellent service if you ask us.

Now, regarding this issue as posted at

"A rather worrisome update from Ting (Russian Mania Workshop edit: it appears that the site is down). As much as I don't like to fuel animosity this update seems important enough to warrant its own news piece. With thanks to Rudi for heads up: 

Dear Comrades,

As you may remember, I have proposed Inokatsu the AKMS project because quite a number of people are interested in it. I have sent my AKMS receiver for them as reference. Finally, it's done and their website also broadcast the prototype photos. I keep on asking the AKMS for you guys from day one it was planned to manufacture. During the Taiwan military show, they start selling that. However, they were selling the economic version which the name is proposed by me. The deluxe version is not ready due to new mold setup, it takes time...

At 15-Aug, I called Inokatsu and asked for AKMS and they said, it's in stock now. At the same day, I update my blog and let you guys to pre-order it. At 16-Aug, boss of Inokatsu came to Hong Kong and we had dinner. When I was in the his hotel room, he called back to office and asked the available quantity of AKMS...

omfg.... they only have 9 AKMS conversion kit + 14 pcs receivers there. Okay, I took them all!! And they are supposed to reserve for me. Boss of Inokatsu agreed to send it to me once he returned Taiwan, which is 20-Aug. Everything seems fine and goes smooth.

Please read more at Airsoft by clicking on their logo below: