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"Should You Buy Used Airsoft?"

Airsoftology: Should You Buy Used Airsoft?

Should you? The answer is totally dependent on what your budget can allow you and it never hurts to buy a used airsoft gun, especially if it is something well-cared and maintained by its previous owner. All you need to do is ensure that the condition is good enough for you to bring it to the field. Airsoftology answers this question plus more in this Q&A episode.

"Tippmann Mail Call:

3:07 - I'm thinking to get a used airsoft Combat Machine as my first airsoft replica, should I buy new instead?
6:46 - I just opened my new Avalon to use it, but the back sight is broken.  What can I do?
9:14 - Can you put patches on your beard?
9:22 - Are Veterans better or worse airsoft players?

12:18 - Code Red Headsets Video of the Week: Soju @ Zulu24 with GBLS GDR15 DAS M4 CQBR. (Ninja's footage Ep.11) by AsianNinja_strategic"