S&T ARX160 Elite & King Arms Discount


A short list this week from Tiger111HK, but still should get the attention of bargain hunters and penny pinchers among us. For this week, the are having a King Arms Stock Discount, literally on King Arm's Rifle Stock products. For pre-order will be the S&T Beretta ARX-160 Elite Assault Rifle EBB. For the new arrivals will be the more affordable AY AS Val and VSS Vintorez AEGs. Just click on the links below to go to their product pages.

"King Arms Stock Discount

  • King Arms 6 Position Stock Buttpad - DE
  • King Arms M4 Special Force Crane Stock (ACU)
  • King Arms AK47 Stock - OD

and more!

Pre-order for S&T Beretta ARX-160 Elite Assault Rifle EBB Now!


  • Length: 840mm, 905mm (stock extended)
  • Barrel length: ~ 410mm
  • Shooting Mode: Safety, Semi-Auto, Full-Auto
  • Weight (g):  3060 (gun with magazine)
  • Gear Box: S&T Custom Metal Gear Box with EBB system
  • Color : Black or Coyote Brown

New Arrival: AY Metal AS Val and VSS Vintores AEGs!

  • AY Metal AS VAL Special Automatic Rifle AEG (Black)
  • AY Metal VSS VINTOREZ AEG Sniper Rifle (Black)
  • AY Metal VSS VINTOREZ AEG Sniper Rifle (Wood)

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