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YouTube Changes Affect Airsoft Channels

DesertFox Airsoft and Unicorn Leah put out a video that will affect airsoft YouTubers who rely on YouTube revenues. According to them videos that contain certain trigger words pertaining to guns and violence will set to be limited or will not contain ads at all. This means that the YouTuber cannot earn money unlike before. Will there be ways to skirt around this so as not to affect the livelihoods of airsoft YouTubers? We'll find out soon.

Airsoft Atlanta: Taurus PT92 CO2 Pistol

The Taurus PT92 M9 Co2 Metal Gas Pistol in Silver/Wood is available at Airsoft Atlanta... "The Taurus PT92 M9 Co2 Metal Gas Pistol uses M9 airsoft magazines. Full metal and blowback airsoft gun. Faux wood grips, but looks real. Normally we don't really stock Taurus pistols, but this pistol is too awesome not to have! One of the best M9 models we've ever seen."

VFC VR16 RIS II GBBR 2017 Edition

SAT & Gaming Airsoft got information on the upcoming 2017 edition of the VFC VR16 RIS II GBBR... "FINALLY!! WORLD SCOOP receives the VFC's GBBR Version II version 2017. An awesome replica not only for its aesthetic beauty but also for its technical specifications that are really excellent! If you want to remember please record VFCday on 8 October 2017."

0'20 Magazine Issue No. 13 Released

The 13th issue of the English Edition of 0'20 Magazine is now released. It reviews three sites in Spain, France and the UK, and reviews of the KJ Works CZ75 SP-01 ACCU, valon Gladius, LCT LC-3A3-S, Wiley-X and More. You can read this online or offline for free, so try and get your copy from the outlet nearest you.

This Week's Special Offers From Military1st

It's the middle of the week and it's time for the Special Offers from Get from 10% to up 20% off the prices of the products added to the Special Offer Section so grab the chance to get more for your money... See this week's special offers at Military 1st online store!

Evike This Is Airsoft: Op Black Shield 7

Another round of "This is Airsoft" by covering the Operation Blackshield 7 that took place last 8-9 July 2017 at SC Village... "US Civilian Contractors have been working with the local Government to construct an oil & gas pipeline near the eastern borders in largely Russian speaking areas of the countryside.

AirsoftTech23: G&G ARP9 AEG Review

AirsoftTech23 found another G&G product to heap praise on, the G&G ARP9 PDW AEG. He checks the internals and performance in terms of chrono, accuracy and damage... "This ARP9 IS AMAZING! I'm honestly going to have to buy one to add to my personal collection! Great job G&G, seriously!"

Ghost Gear KRISS Vector Magazine Pouch

Laylax announce the Ghost Gear Single Long Magazine Pouch for the KRISS Vector AEG magazine. Available in tan and black, it has a Velcro flap that can hold the magazine securely. This can also be used with a drop leg pabel such as the Drop Leg Panel Gen 2 available at their store.

Mach Sakai: A&K M870 Tactical Shotgun

Another shotgun for Mach Sakai to put through the paces. This A&K M870 Pump Action Shotgun has a full metal receiver and this version is an all black version abd A&K has different airsoft M870s available in the market that you can choose from at affordable prices. Though they are usually high in FPS out of the box, this one has probably been downgraded to meet Japanese regulations.

MantisX Firearms Training System Review

AirsoftWarfareHD reviews the MantisX Firearms Training System which can also be used with airsoft. This helps you in shooting by giving realtime, data driven geedback either in dryfire or live fire with the use of an app that you can download after getting it... "MantisX is a sensor that analysis your shooting characteristics and teaches you how to shoot better whether its a firearm or Airsoft gun."