Top 5 Worst Value Airsoft Guns Of 2020


ASGI Top 5 Worst Value Airsoft Guns Of 2020

Find out what Cisco says about these airsoft guns that have the worst value in this Airsoft GI video... "We saw a lot of new airsoft products come out in 2020! Mainly a lot of guns! However the fight to be as competitive as possible is ever going. With everyone trying to dominate the market, how do we know what is the best airsoft gun for our money? Kevin released a Top 5 Best Value Airsoft Guns, but you know Cisco. He is always a hater! He decided to go in the opposite direction and let you guys know what is the worst value. Not saying that these guns are bad, but you need to be a special type of person to get one! You know you wanted this anyways! Let's see what Cisco has to say!"

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