Unity Tactical Fusion CQBL-1 Rail Clamp


TNVC are taking pre-orders of this new design from Unity Tactical and they expect this to be ready to be delivered this Summer... "FUSION is a modular, multi-purpose mount designed to give the end user extreme flexibility in mounting options. It was engineered from the ground up to provide a strong mounting base with the widest range of configurations while remaining lightweight and inexpensive.

The FUSION CQBL-1 Rail Clamp began as a joint effort between Unity Tactical and TNVC.  It is a drop-in replacement rail clamp for the popular Laser Devices Inc CQBL-1 Laser.  This FUSION accessory provides a mounting hub for a variety of other FUSION parts as well as a direct footprint for the Surefire M600C, M600U, and M300 Scout Light Series.  Thus, the user can now have a fully integrated laser/light/illuminator combination while keeping valuable real estate open on their weapon.  The Unity tactical FUSION Ring Light Mount, Hub Extension, and Offset Rail can also be directly attached to the CQBL-1 Rail Clamp, providing a myriad of options and combinations.

Installation is easy.  Simply back the cross bolt out of the CQBL-1 laser until it can be removed.  Slide the OEM rail clamp off the bolt, replace with the FUSION CQBL-1 Rail Clamp and reassemble.  Windage adjustment is still accessible, regardless of the light accessory.  For M300 Scout Lights, the head is removed to gain access.  For full size Scout Lights, flat head drivers can get through around the narrow body of the light.

The CQBL-1 is already one of the most popular lasers on the market for civilian and professional use.  The FUSION CQBL-1 Rail Clamp is a small, lightweight, and smart accessory that highly increases the operational capabilities of this multi-use laser."

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27 Sep 2020

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