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Upcoming Airsoft Masks from Cactus Hobby

Cactus Hobby

Those who fancy airsoft masks that are molded like the contours of the human face, more are coming out courtesy of Cactus Hobby... "Custom made masks are currently in mass production as we speak. Known to withstand 650*++ FPS pointblank on .2 BBs. Made out of high quality Fiber and resin. New design provides maximum airflow even if breathing heavily Comes with an elastic strap.


Contoured design won't make you sweat as the masks fit perfectly on your face. Goggles are Polycarbonated and wont fog easily. Withstood several shooting/durability tests with a 650FPS rifle including extreme cold and heat testing.


The Immortals mask from 300, will also be added soon!"

the new cactus hobby masks

two of the lads have gotting these masks and there the dogz so much so that 3 more of the lads have orderd some inclued me im getting the new immortals mask if your looking for more picures of the mask look up my bebo site or videos of them on youtube under my user name NUPNAG....