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TFB TV Glock 18 Pistol Mini-Documentary

The Firearm Blog TV does a mini documentary on a handgun which its airsoft version, though unlicensed, is a popular handgun amongst airsoft players, the Glock 18... "In this episode of TFBTV, James is at GLOCK USA in Smyrna, GA to shoot the Glock Operator’s Course…and run the Glock 18c ragged.

Acetech AT2000 & VFC KAC Suppressor

Airsoft Mike got two products in just one package to review... "Possibly the best of both worlds! Thanks to ACETECH for sending me the all new AT2000 Predator Tracer Unit, combined with the VFC KAC M4 style Suppressor! Fits any standard 14mm ccw thread. This tacticool bit of kit totally blew me away with how bright it lights up the BBs! Join me as I unbox and showcase the Predator!"

The One Leg Agility Shooting Drill

Another shooting and moving drill video from Tactical Rifleman called the One Leg Agility... "This week Rob takes us through another Agility Drill. This one is called the 'One Leg.' As Rob says, it’s not meant to be tactical, but rather more of just an exercise drill (Shooting & Moving). As with the other agility drills; start slick, then add kit. Start slow, then add more speed. Start close, and then move farther out.

Wasps Attack Brain Exploder While Sniping

One of the risks of the trade when playing airsoft. Always be on the look for bees, wasps, and other insects that may attack you when you disturb their territory. The Brain Exploder shows his experience in this video... "One of the most memorable sniping experiences of my airsoft life but not for all the right reasons.

Valken Tactical Debrief Live #0001

Watch Josh and the Kaiju host the Valken Debrief on Facebook which goes live every Tuesday 1800EST with the recorded session posted on YouTube as well... "Valken Debrief is a weekly show where we share our knowledge, opinions and passion for airsoft with you. Join us on Facebook Live every Tuesday 6pm EST for your chance to ask questions that will end up on the show!"

Best Ways To Sell Your Airsoft Gear

Got some unwanted airsoft gear that you want to dispose of. There are always three ways to do it: 1) give it away; 2) throw it away; and 3) sell it. The best of course is to sell it so you can have cash for new gear. The BB Warrior got this video in helping you sell gear in the best way possible... "Today we'll be going over my favorite ways to sell my old airsoft gear."

G-Code Contact Series Micro Chest Rig 3Zero

G-Code announce the release of their Contact Series Micro Chest Rig 3Zero... "A modular ammunition sourcing platform, the Contact Series 3Zero Chest Rig is uniquely suited for low visibility operations or situations requiring rapid force escalation. Highly portable and able to be quickly donned, the 3Zero Chest Rig can be configured for a wide variety of mission requirements and working environments.

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 M4A1 Series Overview

Lancer Tactical gives us an overview of their affordable Gen 2 M4A1 AEG Series... "Check out the Lancer Tactical Gen 2 M4A1 (LT-01, LT-02, LT-03, LT-04, & LT-06). Available in a Tan or Black nylon polymer body. Full metal gears and piston teeth, neo magnet motor, quick change spring, dial hop up, 6.03mm inner barrel, low resistance wiring, and aluminum trigger contacts! A whole lot for just over $100!

Booligan: Olight PL-2 Valkyrie Weaponlight

Booligan Airsoft got another weaoponlight to review. The Olight PL-2 Valkyrie got 1200 lumens available and costs US$99.95... "A weapon mounted light is a no-brainer if you play in CQB or other low light situations. Finding one that is ridiculously bright and easy to use can be a bit of a challenge, but Olight sent us their PL-2 Valkyrie to test out, and so far, I'm impressed."

The RedWolf Airsoft Stocktake Sale Is On

Grab everything that your budget can allow you as RedWolf Airsoft are having an ongoing stocktake sale before they do their annual inventory. It's 12% off everything they have in stock. Better hurry, this ends on the 28th of August... " RedWolf Airsoft is now having a Stock Take Sale before our annual stock take!

This deal starts now till August 28th , 2017. Everything on our online store with be 12% OFF!