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USAirsoft: Classic Army Nemesis Review

USAirsoft: Classic Army Nemesis Review

USAirsoft has some things to say about the Classic Army Nemesis AEG which those interested in buying one should take note... "So what do I like about the Classic Army Nemesis? What makes me recommend this after my review? Well let me break it all down.

The Nemesis comes with one of the best electronic trigger units I've ever tested hands down. A lot of companies gloat about being able to change your full auto selection into a 3 round burst but the Nemesis line goes much further than that. Simply hold down the trigger for 5 seconds in semi auto and you'll open any of the Nemesis models selection choices. From here you can choose from semi - full auto, semi - three round burst, semi - five round burst, three round burst - five round burst, and even semi - semi.

This is awesome for whatever game you want to jump into but remember to pull the trigger to switch to another option and to flip the selector to full auto and back to semi to lock in your choice.

All the other options from barrel lengths, handguards, and stocks are of course another pro since you can pick up a Nemesis that fits you the best but you might want to get a small lipo battery that's comes with deans connections for the PDW stocked Nemesis models because battery space is very limited. (All Nemesis models come with deans connections only, be aware of this.)

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