Viper Tech SR-16E3 URX III RAS GBB-R


With a new KAC lower receiver, CWI Airsoft announce the availability of the premium Viper Tech SR-16E3 URX III RAS Gas Blowback Rifle which will set you back by US$1,046.01... "KAC STYLE SR-16 E3 Upper Receiver & SR-16 IWS Lower Receiver. It's made of 6061 T6 Aluminium Alloy Forging Raw Block & CNC Post-processing. URX III, with 12.5inch length with the Flip up front sight.

  • Steel CNC Processing
  • LMT SOPMOD Style Buttstock
  • Full Steel Black Bolt Carrier, Alu. CNC Loading nozzle
  • EB Tech Gas Magazine x1
  • Caliber : 6 mm BB
  • Length : 840 mm / 920 mm
  • Weight : 2855g (N/Mag.)
  • Barrel Length : 14.5 inch
  • Fire Control : Safe-Semi-Auto
  • Magazine Capacity : 30 rounds
  • Power : Green Gas/ Gas Blow Back"

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