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Hot discussion at on the upcoming MG34 from Viva Airsoft Work. The MG34 is a light machine gun that was introduced in 1934 to German infantry, and it was air-cooled and 7.92x57mm Mauser. If this is the light machine gun version, then it should be coming with a drum-magazine and of course a bi-pod, though the photos we've seen still don't show the drum magazine. The suggested retail price is US$700, though not finaly, which actually is not bad for this type of a replica.


You might also be interested in the ZF41 scope (around US$50)  that's also being made by Viva Airsoft Work which should fit the DBoys KAR98.  The MG34 is seen to be released sometime in September. Just click on the MG34 photo to go to the forums.


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24 Nov 2020

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