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Weatherproof, Dustproof PRC-152 Replica

Harris Weatherproof, Shockproof, Dustproof PRC-152  Replica

YZH announced that a new Troy product is coming out. This time it's a PRC-152 radio which is dustproof, weatherproof, and shockproof which may surprise a lot of us looking for a cheaper but durable replica. It has the 6-pin connector and equipped with a large capacity lithium battery and also designed specifically for the original Kenwood connector.

Interested dealers can contact YZH in placing orders.


  1. Working band: FM: 87-108MHZ (receiver), VHF: 136-174.995MHZ (receiver / transmitter), UHF0:  UHF1 :400-470 .995 MHZ (receiver / transmitter), UHF2: 480-520 .995 MHZ (receiver)
  2. Operating modes: frequency mode, channel mode
  3. FM radio digital tuner
  4. Dual-band point
  5. Optional U / U, V / V, U / V, V / U-dual of the way work
  6. Any band dual-frequency point waiting
  7. DTMF dual-tone multi-frequency signaling system
  8. Remote, on-site, the distress signal transmitter coordinates
  9. Group call, group call, selective call
  10. To inspect, monitor, remote halo away to death
  11. Standard CTCSS function 11:50 105 groups DCS
  12. Non-standard CTCSS (60HZ to 259.9HZ within any editing)
  13. Launch the mute and receive mute set apart
  14. Transmit power, the low two tranches during the launch press ALARM key to any switch transmit power Size
  15. Launch timeout limit
  16. 5-speed stepping frequency (5K, 6.25K, 10K, 12.5K, 25K)
  17. A variety of power-saving modes
  18. VOX voice transmitter
  19. Optional channel bandwidth (bandwidth / narrowband)
  20. Channel busy embargoed
  21. Low electro-acoustic and light tips
  22. Auto Backlight
  23. Automatic / manual keypad lock
  24. The three-color emission backlight adjustable
  25. Receive backlight color adjustable
  26. Standby backlight tri-color tune
  27. The three-channel display mode (frequency, channel number, the name of the channel)
  28. ANI identity code (inbound)
  29. Call ringing
  30. DTMF sidetone switch (automatic sending code, keyboard hair code automatically + keyboard hair code)
  31. Three scan modes (time, carrier, search)
  32. PTT-ID function (to select press the PTT hair code, release the PTT hair code, press the release can be sent code)
  33. Multi- species mute (mute, mute and optional signaling, mute plus optional signaling)
  34. Frequency mode frequency difference between the direction of an optional
  35. Frequency mode frequency difference frequency between 0 ~ 69.9875MHZ optional
  36. The menu item keyboard digital direct elections function
  37. Frequency, channel, menu items quick search function
  38. The channel parameters can be frequency mode editing storage
  39. 128 a storage letter Road
  40. Reverse frequency function (transceiver frequency inverted)
  41. U / V span transceiver access span relay function
  42. Wired copy
  43. Computer Programming