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The Next Terminator Film Will Go By The “Terminator: Dark Fate” Working Title

Terminator T-800

The biggest news in the Terminator movie franchise last year was the return of Linda Hamilton who will be playing the role of Sarah Connor again. But whilst it was exciting news to have one of the badass female action stars “back into action”, so to speak, many wondered what title this latest Terminator movie will be.

Thank god, it does not go with a title similar to “Gensys” and James Cameron also has regained the rights to the series and thus, may put the fortunes of the flagging series up.

With the disappointment in Gensys and Salvation, will Cameron be rebooting the series with a new trilogy. In 2017, he was questioning if Terminator is still relevant given that what were just supposed to be science fiction in the 1980s when the first and hugely successful Terminator film was released, such as drones and artificial intelligence, are already in the real world. So whatever Cameron is thinking for this new film, it may just go beyond to what we already have been used to in the series.

The working title will be “Terminator: Dark Fate” and James Cameron says in an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment that it is a direct sequel to the “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” which was also a big hit. Connecting “Dark Fate” to “Judgement Day” means that Cameron is disregarding the three Terminator films (“Rise of the Machines, “Salvation, and “Gensys”).

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be playing a T-800 model again, though it is said that it is going to be a different T-800 as we know it.  Will he be playing the hunter T-800 or the T-800 protector for “Dark Fate”? But what we are more curious to know is how Sarah Connor, played by Hamilton, has evolved since “Judgement Day”. Has age softened her or perhaps she has grown hardened over time?

Shooting for “Dark Fate” is taking place in UK, Mexico, Spain and Hungary with a behind the scenes of the Hungary filming shown here. If all goes well, the film will premiere on October 31 in the UK and November 1, 2019 in the U.S.