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Nominations Still Ongoing For The 8th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards

8th APCA Nominations Period 3rd Week Reminder

It’s the third week for the Nomimations  Period of the 8th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards. Over 10,000 readers of Popular Airsoft as well as fans and friends of prospective nominees have already submitted their partial or complete list (all are not required to submit a full list). We expect more to be submitted from airsoft players around the world as we go into the latter half of the Nominations Period.

f you cannot read further on and would like to nominate immediately, click here.

For the prospective nominees aiming to be in the top 5 finalists per category, it’s time to up the ante to ensure that they get on the list. Some have already making their campaigns via social media, making campaign videos, as well as spreading the word around on why they should be nominated. By being more active rather than passively watch the nomination period go by passively, their chances of making it to the finals/voting period gets better.

For this awards period we are supported by the following:



ASG APS Gunfire

Laylax RedWolf Airsoft Military 1st


Specna Arms Airsoft Atlanta Low Speed Gear Airsoftjunkiez WGC Shop

Copy and paste the list of categories to your word processor or notepad so you can add your list. From there, you can then just copy and paste nominees at the nomination form provided at the Awards website.

Good luck and we’ll remind you again next week!