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WE XDM Compact 3.8 Short GBB Pistol

Just like its big brother XD-M, reviewed here in its Airsoft version by Moondog, the XD-M Compact belongs to the XD-M family from Springfiled Armory USA. These show an evolution of theirXD line of products which, as just acknowledged by Springfield and noted on Moondog’s video review, draws inspiration in a number of other popular guns but is presented in a ery well finished and innovative package.

Smith Optics Elite AEGIS Arc Multicam

Eye protection in Airsoft is critical. Without it you’ll risk losing your valuable and vital eyesight. The worst accident that can happen in Airsoft is not breaking an arm or a tooth, but rather losing an eye due to inexistent or poor eye shields. So an eye shield should be your very second purchase, right after you bought yourself an Airsoft gun.

Of course just like buying an Airsoft gun, you’ll notice there’s huge selection of eye protection that will range from goggles, sunglasses, glasses, masks, to mesh goggles.

Emerson Fast BJ Multicam Helmet

Helmets in Airsoft can do a lot more than just make you look good on the field or completing your loadout to copy some military force to perfection. Security in Airsoft is sometimes downplayed to just a pair of safety glasses and that’s it. Usually problems arise when you least expect them, especially when you are playing at a venue or field you are not familiar with.

eAiming Airsoft Optics Protector

Airsoft players love to customize their weapons with optics. There are literally dozens different styles, makes and models, but they all share one thing in common: they aren't bullet proof. And if it's a replica optic, it's not even BB proof. Which is why you may want to invest in an Optics Protector.

The eAiming Optics Protector comes in plain, rather flimsy green box. Inside you'll find a Optics Protector which is a plexiglass plate, screwed into a picatinny compatible mount, and a spare, yellow-tinted, plate.

eAiming 2-6 x 28 Illuminated Scope

I was interested in attaching this scope because it has rails which give me the option at attach accessories to a traditional bolt-action rifle that doesn't have modern rails. Tiger11HK had a good price on it and I received the scope within 2 weeks of the order. (You can find the product at the Tiger111HK's product page)

A.S.I. Electric M4 Double Magazine

Some hate them, some love ‘em. Unrealistic or awesome, hi-caps are surely controversial. So why have hi-caps? Heck, this is Airsoft and you are free to get one if you want and turn your M4 into a mean machine for suppression without having to buy a new AEG altogether. Of course you might not be able to play on some fields and with some teams that privilege realism and milsim games.

WE XDm Gas Blowback Pistol (Video Review)

(Editor's note: Text here is the transcript of this video review as done by Mooondog) Take an Austrian Glock, add in spoonful of Swiss SigSaur and a hint of American 1911 and you'll get a Croatian dish in shiny American packaging known as the Springfield XDM by WE Airsoft.


JJ Airsoft Reflex Red Dot Sight

I never thought I would say this, but replica red dot sights are getting better and better every day. It seems that manufacturers have understood that Airsofters want better quality products that can are usable when out on the field practicing Airsoft. This is indeed one of the great benefits of this industry: high demand and rich offering often tend to make companies push forward with better and innovative products.

This time we'll take a look at a very interesting red dot sight that JJ Airsoft have sent me.

Tokyo Marui XDM .40 Gas Blowback Pistol

Originally manufactured by Springfield, the XDM .40 is one of the most talked about firearm out in the real steel market today and as any airsofter would expect, it did not take long until an airsoft replica is released. As it is expected with a big high-end airsoft manufacturer like Tokyo Marui, their version of the XDM .40 is a prime example of top-end airsoft guns and we, at Popular Airsoft, are lucky enough to get hold of one with the help of Firesupport in Peterborough.

Clone TM ProGoggle Fan Mask (Video Review)

This is an near exact copy of the Tokyo Marui Pro-Goggle mask. The mask can survive point-blank hits from guns firing over 400fps. The mask has a low profile look but are large enough to accommodate small frame eye glasses. The face shield is very flexible and low profile, allowing a close cheek weld so you can use your guns iron-sights or optics.