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The Brown Magnum Scorpion Boots

Magnum Scorpion Boots Review

I’ve been privileged enough to be able to wear several tactical boots from the most diverse brands, but I had never had the opportunity to use Magnum boots before. Since the reputation of the brand precedes itself, I had quite some expectations from these boots, even though these aren’t the top of the line pair from the brand.

Also these are the exact same boots issued by the British Army, only difference is that the latter are in Tan.

So let’s see how the troops feel when wearing these Magnum boots!


Design-wise, these are rather simple and straightforward boots, mostly made out of brown suede with a nylon tongue and most of the upper also in brown, but using a darker brown. The suede basically provides a frame for the softer nylon to sit.

It's Interesting how the 1150 denier nylon frame reinforcement straps on the sides almost look like the Union Flag.

Also, the upper on these boots is supposed to be 8 inches tall, but they seem lower than most 8-inch boots I own. Not that it’s a bad thing, but these are slightly shorter.

Connecting the nylon and the suede, which by the way is real leather, is a very strong double stitching which makes the boots very solid and durable.

But by far the most solid bit of the Scorpion boots is the outsole, which has a considerable amount of rubber and quite rugged it is.

The rubber not only is thick enough to protect the base of the feet, as it also slightly goes around the ankle making it seat comfortably and providing no slip support inside the boot. This helps with traction and provides great stability when making corners and stopping.

To help gain even more traction and stopping power, the huge lugs on the outsole, which look like an AT tyre, have such a high profile that I was able to get traction even on an extremely muddy terrain in Billericay which was quite slippery to most of my mates and opponents so I was pretty impressed by how well these outsoles performed.

Inside, the insoles are quite comfortable and provide a good level of cushioning. These insoles also have an anti-bacterial treatment called Agion, which according to Magnum, inhibits the growth of these microbes potentially harmful to your feet's comfort and well-being.

The boots do come with an extra thinner insole which you can add at any time to make the boot even more comfortable.

Another extra are the laces since I got the ones that came already laced in the hooks, but also an extra pair in case the first one gets worn or damaged. This is a nice addition from Magnum which I would like to see more boot manufacturers follow.

When it comes to lacing and unlacing the boots it’s really easy since the metal hooks and the nylon laces have almost no friction, but do provide a secure fastening once fully laced up.

The only thing I didn’t like was the tongue which was very thin and didn’t provide much protection, especially form the metal hooks which tend to dig into my shins, especially because I like to use my boots well laced and fastened. So it took me a few tries to get the best fastening of the laces so I wouldn't feel the hooks on my shin and ankle.

Since the upper is mostly made of Nylon, it’s no secret that there is almost no break in time, even with the upper being high quality Suede that offers a very nice level of protection from the elements.

To add to this protection, the toe cap has a composite toecap that offers a quite useful level of protection from shock. For instance your feet might come into contact with any boulders or someone very heavy might step on your boots!

Finally, the fact that it’s kind of a hybrid design using an upper with Nylon and a lower with suede, even with the thick rubber sole Magnum have managed to keep the weight down quite well:


These are indeed a great all year round tactical footwear solution. These work well in dry and hotter weather since they are breathable, and during winter, they provide the necessary level of protection against the elements, especially water and mud keeping my feet warm and dry.

Plus I really liked how they grip so well and the stability that they provide to the base of my feet.

I did have some issues with the tongue being so thin, but these surely go well with my Multicam and A-TACS loadouts!

You’ll find the Magnum Scorpion Boots in Brown at Military1st at a very nice price of £85.49, around 115 Euros.


  • Lightweight boots
  • Good all year round solution
  • Great sole, provides lots of protection and traction


  • Tongue could need some padding