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Emerson Fast Jump Helmet Cover (AOR1)

Emerson Gear Fast Jump Helmet Soft Cover in AOR1 Review

If you have bought a helmet with a camo paint, as I did, and wish to protect the paint from the elements; if you wish to protect your investment; or simply because you want the option to run your helmet with more kits that have different camo patterns, then you should definitely get one of these covers from 365 Airsoft.


Available in four different camos such as Multicam, AOR1 (which is the reviewed version), A-TACS and A-TACS FG, the Emerson Gear soft covers protect and camouflage most of the helmet, leaving only uncovered the side rails and the NVG mount. The cover offers four Velcro panels, an additional four on the sides for patches, one on the top which can be used for strobes and another one on the back which can be used for a counter weight pouch when carrying an NVG, for google strap retention or some more patches.

Along the sides, there are also some extra loops that will allow you to attach natural foliage or use it for some cable management.

As you can see in the photos my helmet is the Fast Base Jump version and no the Base Jump, meaning that the NVG shroud is different since it is slightly smaller, with a different shape and moulded onto the helmet. Still, the cover works great and in no way does it interfere with the mount function.


The fabrics used to make this cover is mainly ripstop material in what appears to be a very strong and resistant nylon that will withstand some beating rather than letting the coating of your helmet start to see the normal wear and tear. In some ares, you can also see double stitching which is always nice to see in Airsoft products and though there are some threads sticking out, the finish is quite good.

The cover is so lightweight I didn’t even notice any increase of weight when using the helmet.


The shape of the cover adjusts very well to the helmet and installation is quite simple. The only thing I didn’t understand its purpose were the extra Velcro straps that are supposed to stick to the inside of the helmet. However, since my helmet in particular doesn’t have any Velcro on the inside I suppose it’s up to the user to buy and install the panels that would then stick on the helmet and adhere to the straps. In case you don’t to this than just get the straps either inside the helmet or underneath the cover. However for a better fit I would suggest you to get the panels to attach the straps.


With a very reasonable price tag, this protective cover is a must if you have purchased any replica Base Jump, Fast Base Jump or even the real Ops Core helmets.

Also it allows simple and fast customization of your helmet, either by adding a new camo or by enabling extra accessories and patches.

With an easy installation and good quality fabrics it’s an excellent product that you can get in four different camos at 365 Airsoft for a mere $17.