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Flyye Industries Law Enforcement Chest Rig

Flyye Law ENF Chest Rig Review

This is that time of the year you curse your body armour. The weight of it, the lack of breathability and awkwardness while playing on a hot summer day. Luckily, if you’re not thinking about doing a whole weekender, you can grab yourself a lightweight highly breathable chest rig and run a minimalistic loadout that will not only  give you speed, it can also help you cool in these sizzling days!

That’s what I did last Sunday when I set out to test the FLYYE LAW ENF Chest Rig, and what a lucky choice as it was a very hot English summer day.


Made to have a very small footprint and provide a basic transport platform for the most essential tactical stuff you’ll need in short missions or games, this chest rig is optimised for speed and breathability.  Since none of the body parts that sweat the most are covered I can run only a t-shirt in order to get the most benefit out of running this lightweight and compact platform.

The chest rig is designed to transport 3 standard AR15 magazines. However the MOLLE webbing available on both sides and on top of each mag pouch dramatically increases your load bearing options, so you can go wild and attach some more heavy stuff to it.

In my case I decided to keep it to a bare minimum and only attached a radio pouch to transport my Midland G7 and a genuine ITW Fastmag Gen. II (reviewed here) to take my speed loader so I can refill a mid-cap quite fast.

Another great feature is the document pouch that they’ve included, which can be very helpful to carry you driver’s license, a map or any other type of document you need.


As with any FLYYE product, the fabrics are top of the line and this chest rig is no exception. The 1000D Cordura used for this product shows that the company once again used the best materials when manufacturing this product, and the end result is an extremely resistant and durable platform that will survive most harsh scenarios and extreme abrasion. More than enough to last me for years and years of Airsoft games! You can get a vest with 500D Cordura which are lighter, however 1000D is more durable.

Also they used UTX snaps which have proven to be very nice and easy to use and quite solid too.

The chest rig design is quite simple as it is comprised of a main panel that has three mag pouches with two adjustable shoulder straps and a waist strap which is also adjustable.

Each mag pouch is built-in and lined with a very nice material that seems like felt, which makes it very easy to pull out the mags, but they are very well secured when in the pouch and won’t fall off.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that this chest rig is water resistant so you can get it wet all you want and it won’t lose any of its original qualities.

Weight wise it’s not very heavy, at only 700 grams it’s on par with most chest rigs that don’t feature the so-heavy- duty 1000D Cordura fabric. So it’s a pleasure to run so light with such a tough product.


This particular version I reviewed is in genuine Crye Precision Multicam on the main panel and mag pouches, blends very well with other Multicam gear and it’s a really nice addition to any Multicam loadout. However FLYYE also offers this exact same chest rig in other colours such as Coyote Brown, Black and other 8 colours and Camos including the well-known A-TACS pattern.


Ideal for hot summer days and short deployments, this chest rig offers a lightweight and compact platform which is still quite customizable and allows further load bearing thanks to the available MOLLE webbing.

This is a perfect solution for those games where you can resupply easily in between games. Anything more than that you’ll probably want to get something else.

Toughness and durability aren’t an issue with this one, so it’s kind of a no brainer if you’re in the market for a fast and breathable load bearing solution.

Special thanks to Military1st for who made this review possible. You can get this chest rig for £69.99 and free shipping within the UK, or around €87.


  • Lightweight
  • Extremely durable
  • Multicam
  • MOLLE webbing ads more option
  • Integrated mag pouches
  • Small footprint allows high breathability


  • Not recommended for big 2-day games