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Galaxy G5 MP5 PDW: Cute Li`l Devil

Galaxy MP5 PDW (G-5)

The Galaxy HK series is Galaxy's introductory line of airsoft guns. Altogether, the company has focused on producing the Personal Defense Weapons (PDW) category releasing three HK models: the MP5 PDW, the MP5K, and the MP7. I have the MP5 PDW and the MP7 since I prefer having foldable or retractable stock. My smaller size is also a factor since I'm just 5 feet and 5 inches, and weighing roughly 130lbs. Galaxy must have thought about me when it released its line of AEGs.


Before I begin my exploration of the Galaxy version, I'll give you an overview about the PDW as made by HK. The MP5 PDW is a variant of the MP5K due to having a foldable stock, a threaded flash hider to attach silencers, and it was introduced in 1991. But being such a lazy writer, and grateful that there's such a very convenient place to seek information online, a site called Wikipedia, I shamelessly post here the information published there:

The MP5K was introduced in 1976. It is basically a cut-down version of HK's MP5 series, which in turn is based on HK's G3 series. The most notable differences include the lack of shoulder stock, the replacement of the MP5's handguard with a vertical foregrip, and the weapon's overall reduced size.

The MP5K is much smaller than the MP5, even though it retains almost all of the MP5's features. The only directly notable disadvantage is a seriously decreased effective range (only 50 m), due to its shorter barrel and lack of a shoulder stock (which makes the weapon more difficult to aim). Sighting is done through adjustable diopter iron sights, or using any optical sights compatible with the HK claw mount system.

Like its larger counterparts, the MP5 and the G3, the MP5K uses the roller-locked delayed blowback system. This system delays the weapon's recoil until after the bullet is fired from the weapon, increasing accuracy when firing in semi-automatic mode. The weapon usually has a S-E-F trigger group - S stands for sicher (safe), E for einzelfeuer (single shot) and F is for feuerstoss (full-auto). A newer model, the MP5KA4, features a pictogram-based Safe-Semi-Burst-Auto trigger group and the choice between a 2-, 3- or 4-round burst mode. The MP5K accepts standard MP5 magazines.

The MP5K's small size and low weight allow it to be easily concealed under clothes, in a car, or in a suitcase, and allows for high mobility, even in crowds. A special bag and suitcase have been designed, not only to carry the weapon in, but also to fire it from. Both have a hole for the weapon's muzzle. The suitcase has a secondary trigger in the handle, but when using the bag, the operator must stick their hand inside and fire the weapon as they would normally.

Because of its small size and low profile, the MP5K and its derivatives are popular with law enforcement agencies, VIP protection and counter-terrorist units, and many other paramilitary forces all over the world. The weapon is used by some members of the protection detail of the United States Secret Service who are tasked with the protection of the president and first family, the vice president and second family, and visiting foreign heads of state.

The Galaxy MP5 PDW

I got the Galaxy MP5 PDW since I needed a cheap airsoft SMG to play in a CQB game which was held a day after I got my PDW. The impression I got from fellow airsofters is that the Galaxy version is such a handy CQB weapon and thus, it was my priority in the list of stuff I needed to get from Airsoft Armoury.

Out of the Box, I saw a cute weapon. That's right, a cute weapon which basically stirred the inner child in me. It is an exact copy of the TM version, but it seems that it can prove itself better than the TM one. In a nutshell:

Gearbox type: Type 3
Magazine Capacity: 200 rounds (Hi-Cap)
Length: 502mm
Battery pack size: 8.4 1100 mah NiMH Stick Type Battery
Package includes: Manual, Standard Magazine, High Capacity Magazine, Loader, Cleaning Rod, Battery, Charger, sling, Paper Targets

The plastic material is very high quality. There are no creaks, wobbles, just no HK markings, and replaced by G5 markings from Galaxy. The cocking handle looks great, the ambidextrous fire selector switch is not mushy as others have encountered, and the folding stock is tough and folds easily.

You can insert the battery by doing the following steps:

  1. Remove the flash hider by unlocking it first before you pull it out;
  2. Pull out the pin to remove the foregrip and barrel cover;
  3. Pull out the two pins holding the stock in the rear and remove the stock plate;
  4. Insert the battery with the connector first. Carefully insert inside to ensure the connectors protude out on the other end;
  5. Connect the battery connectors
  6. Reverse procedure starting at step 3 to 1.

My initial experience in installing the battery is that it was tough. To ensure that you'll have less problems with it, spray some silicone into the space where you insert the battey and the pin for the foregrip. You'll experience smoother and faster installation of battery.

It was loud during the test firing. But nevertheless, I am confident that it`s sturdy enough to take some punishment in any skirmish.

The next day, I excitedly brought it to the CQB site. But when it was chrono`ed, it averaged 340fps, making it hot for the site as the site only allows 328fps and below. I was disappointed since I got stuck to using my backup pistol for the game. Might as well downgrade it to acceptable levels.

I had a chance to use it an urban assault game two weeks later, where it performed well, and found some problems such as having a poor sling hooks. I suggest that you sew it to ensure that it is firmly attached. Another is the now well-known mushy fire selector which in my experience the gun doesn't fire in single fire mode, and the switch seems loose. I needed to put it into full-auto where it works then back to single fire mode. But other than those, I am happy with it.

Upgrades and Enhancements

Putting a 9.6v stick battery will improve its ROF as others did. However, I didn't on my part as I am afraid I might strip the gears for such a small airsoft weapon.  I want it to last longer, stock.

My cosmetic enhancements were basically adding a rail mount for the MP5 series, which barely attaches itself to the PDW. With this, you can attach two accessories at the same time, such as a laser sight and a torch.


My experience with the Galaxy MP5 PDW is one with affection to something that's so handy for any airsoft game. Though I am not recommending it to be used as a primary weapon in woodland or large area skirmishes. If you got yours firing at an average of 315fps to 328fps, then this weapon is highly, very, strongly recommended as your primary weapon in any CQB game.

Overall, this is a must have in every serious airsofter's personal arsenal. One of the most handiest weapons ever made, real steel or airsoft.

To end this review, I present to you a video review made by Nachos Design.

Galaxy G5 MP5 PDW

(to the author who wrote this article) do you know a specific name of the scope and silencer that would attatch to this gun. And where i can buy it I want to put a silencer on mine but one on mine. Thanks for any help

PDW lemons

it's like an accepted fact in the ACM world that some guns are just but lemons, duds.... good as broken. sometimes i feel it is a gamble when you buy these stuff. but i guess that's what we are paying for. the upside is, parts are readily available (and cheap) and you can fix, or upgrade (why not) your ACM. as for my MP5K, i am lucky that it is not a 'full lemon'--- just the issue of electricals and of course (so common) the semi auto mode failure... easily fixed by removing the fuse and fitting in a 9.6v batt... now it is firing smoothly and the ROF is quite satisfactory considering the minimal upgrade... still is a kickass cqb weapon... and i am keeping it.



PDW has flaws

sorry to say but the cute little devil has a weak motor and will probably conk out in a month or two. this observation is based on the condition of the Galaxy PDWs of 3 of my teammates. they all have galaxy PDWs (with stock and non-stock versions). after a while, the motor dies and stops working. it happend to all 3 of them. perhaps it's maintenance, but according to the gunsmith that looked into them, the galaxy motor is really of low caliber and to appreciate it, one really has to invest money in upgrading it. gears, bushings, springs, cylinders, the works.

the point is, if you like the PDW and wish to use it for a long period of time, you ought to consider upgrading it pretty soon. a gun like that should not remain out-of-the-box for long. if you're not planning to play competitive, i guess not upgrading it would be fine for awhile, but while the gun is still sellable (still in working condition), it would be a better idea to sell it. that's what my brother did to his PDW, after learning that the other 3 conked out and his would most likely be the next.