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G&G Armament 4X Optical Reflex Sight

G&G Armament 4X Optical Reflex Sight

G&G’s 4x Optical Sight is a reproduction of the Elcan Specter Dual Role (SpecterDR) 1-4x Combat Sight, visually identical despite some minor cosmetic differences and a fixed 4x magnification illuminated optic as opposed to the adjustable magnification on the original. With a sturdy all-metal build and some great features, it’s a pretty great high end airsoft optic for choosy players looking for one of the better magnified scopes out there.


Typical of Elcan optics the scope has a bulky but low and long profile that is ideal for assault rifles and SMGs. The full metal body is of middling weight around 1.3 lbs and isn’t at all cumbersome in orientation or design. Elevation adjustment is conveniently below the sight facing the operator, with windage adjusible via dial on the forward left of the optic.

Illumination colors and brightness are adjusted via dial on the left of the optic, which clicks smoothly and tightly into each position. I found the placement on the left side of the optic useful as a right handed shooter, but those who are left handed will certainly find this a hindrance if they want to change their settings in the field.

The matte finish on the metal deters too much light reflecting off of the body and the forward end of the optic is clear so odds are a killflash isn’t necessary.


The illumination on the optic represents itself as a dot at the center of the reticle, effectively a magnified red dot if the windage and elevation tics are ignored. The five different illumination settings give a lot of flexibility for players playing in indoor or nighttime settings, but the dot’s place at the center of the reticle reduces its’ presence significantly in daylight on the red setting and is functionally invisible on green. Higher levels of illumination have a tendency to flood the periphery with light, which can be can be really distracting when the light setting is too high.

The top of the sight has two nifty features for engagements at closer distances than the magnification would require. Not only is there a fixed iron sight atop the optic which can be moved over three points, there are screw points to permit in the installation of a micro-dot. QD mounts are on the right side of the optic and tighten easily without any wiggle or forcing.

Unfortunately this package doesn’t come with scope covers, a kill flash or protection of any kind, so you’re going to want to consider that if you get this package and want to keep your lenses clean. If I purchased this scope I would  immediately consider getting some kind of protective cover. Also it’s worth pointing out you’re not getting a fully faithful reproduction of the real Specter DR in the optics department: not only is the magnification fixed, it also has a different reticle.


In terms of function this scope is terrific, with a generous relief thanks in no small part to its relatively large 32mm objective diameter and comparably large ocular lens for easy acquisition. Drawing your weapon with a magnified optic can sometimes be a difficult proposition, but even the relief alone on this optic is worth the price of admission.

With my eye approximately three inches away from the optic I still had a full, clear picture. The sight is clear, with easy enough target acquisition that I found the top ironsight rather unnecessary; however, I could see myself utilizing a micro red dot extensively with one installed.

Battery accesses is made easy by unscrewing the cap on the top of the light adjustment knob using one CO2032 battery. Conveniently the GnG 4x comes with two of the batteries so it should last you for a while, especially considering that illumination is only going to help in low light play on what is effectively a day sight. Frankly it’s hard for me to imagine many situations where I would use the illumination on this optic on account of how easily the light can be drowned out by a partially cloudy day.


A real steel adjustable magnification Elcan Specter DR goes for easily over $2k, but the G&G 4x Optical is a great airsoft equivalent with nifty features, solid once-piece construction and a waaaaaaaay lower price of entry at $169.99.

Personally I found the G&G 4x Optical Sight to be a pretty awesome product overall but pricey compared to other optics out there.. I’m of the opinion that 4x magnification is about as far as you need to go for airsoft, and while I found the reticle design perhaps not as ideal as it could be for the kind of ballistics we get out of airsoft it’s still a top rate optic!



Working at Airsoft Megastore by day, and growing his beard by night, Jon is an airsoft enthusiast and has a special spot in his heart for all Kalashnikovs.