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Helikon Mojave Desert Boots Coyote/Multicam

Helikon Mojave Desert Boots Review

This is my first review after some forced time off, since I moved to London and it took me some time to get settled here, so I am hoping to get back to regular my reviews and Airsoft playing from now on! Anyway, before coming over, I’ve had enough time to check out the new Mojave Desert Boots which basically are the first boots from Helikon-Tex.

Helikon-Tex are well known for setting a very high standard when it comes to tactical gear, and this is what I’ve also learned firsthand when using their ACU Uniform in Camogrom and their Urban Tactical Pants more recently.

However, tactical footwear is slightly different and I was curious to know how it would be to wear these Polish-made boots on the field.

Our friends from Military1st were one of the first stores in Europe to get these boots in stock and were kind enough to send a pair to review, and quite frankly I was dying of curiosity to try them out!


Design-wise the Mojave are kind of a mix between a pair of desert boots and a pair of camo tactical boots being that they are made of two main components on the upper:  Suede and  Cordura with a nice Multicam camo pattern.

The overall weight of the boots is quite lightweight since the sole, which is usually the heaviest element on most boots, is made out of a softer and less dense compound.

The laces are elastic and very easy to lace up, however I found them quite short being that if I wanted to lace the boots all the way up I would have to struggle to have enough length to tie the laces.

The tongue is mainly made of Cordura in the outside being that on the top there’s bit of Suede. On the back there’s a loop that is very useful even though it’s quite easy to put on these boots.

The Vibram sole is the best sole of the brand I’ve ever tried.

I really liked the rubbery and flexible compound that they’ve given the threads and lugs, which provide awesome traction in all the terrains I set foot on.

Generally Vibram soles tend to be a little too stiff, so stiff that in certain situations they get very slippery, however these have a different kind  of  compound which as I mentioned makes them lighter and also more reliable. They might however wear off faster, but I prefer a pair of safer boots every once in a while than to take the risk...

And the thicker midsole that you can see is slightly darker and stiffer providing the needed support to the feet.


The inside has a padded layer of Coolmax lining, which sits between my foot and the Suede/Cordura. This layer is there especially for comfort and it provides some cushioning and a much needed breathability for the foot,  helping keep the foot dry and preventing abrasion due to sweat.

The toe cap is made out of rubber and even though it’s hard, it’s slightly flexible but it provides good protection against most impacts with hard objects.

The insole features a very cool anti-perforation and Anti-Static system named Q-Flex which according to the makers is a textile which is stronger than steel and provides resistance even to smaller diameter nails, which is great not only to know but also to have since you never know when you’re going to need this in an Airsoft game!

Sorry for the not-so-neat looking photos of the insole, but these have been clearly worn and I forgot to take some photos before I started to wear them, they do look pretty common but if you try to poke or bend them you’ll notice a clear difference from traditional insoles since it is slightly stiffer.


The Suede acts like a frame making the boot more rigid and supporting the foot and the ankle very well, but without ever losing the needed ankle flexibility. This is mainly achieved thanks to the Cordura material which bends very well and allows a very nice freedom of movement and breathability, while the suede adds essential protection due to its ruggedness.

I really felt this combination working whenever I flexed my ankle being that I still had ease of movement and the ankle feels supported whilst most of the foot is very well protected by the suede layer, when bumping into rocks and tree branches, for example.

As you can clearly see from the photos all fabrics are joined by very strong double stitching which is quite durable and it also helps to maintain all the layers together in a very nice seal which is key to making these boots really waterproof, tried and tested with water up to my ankles and not even a drop of water went inside, nice! Plus the Suede and Cordura Fabric dry out really fast!


Helikon-Tex are producing two models of the Mojave Desert Boots: one in coyote and the other with Crye Precision Multicam, such as the ones in this review.

The final result is quite interesting being that while this solution doesn’t provide full concealment, it is a really nice mix that is also a good compromise between durability and some concealment and style, making them great to wear even on a daily basis.


In sum, Helikon have managed to pull off a great pair of boots that are very well crafted, quite durable and very comfortable.

I really like the Vibram sole which have proven to be great even in slippery and muddy situations and the fact that these are all-weather boots that can handle a very hot day helping my feet to breath and keeping them cool and keeping the water out and my feet totally dry when it’s rainy or muddy.

Overall I really like these boots!

In case you’re interested, the Mojave Desert Boots are available from and cost £108.99, or around 129 euros.


  • Waterproof and dry fast
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Materials and build quality
  • The Vibram soles
  • Nice to have anti-perforation insoles


  • Laces are a bit short