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JJ Airsoft Reflex Red Dot Sight

JJ Airsoft Reflex Red Dot Sight

I never thought I would say this, but replica red dot sights are getting better and better every day. It seems that manufacturers have understood that Airsofters want better quality products that can are usable when out on the field practicing Airsoft. This is indeed one of the great benefits of this industry: high demand and rich offering often tend to make companies push forward with better and innovative products.

This time we'll take a look at a very interesting red dot sight that JJ Airsoft have sent me.

It is their 1×24 Reflex Red Dot Sight which is based on the popular Trijicon Reflex RX06. The Trijicon Reflex was custom designed for the M4A1 as sold to the US Special Forces, so believe me when I say that this will surely be a most welcome addition to your SF kit!


This red dot is quite rugged, but JJ Airsoft where able to keep its weight down at a mere 260 grams.  The body is metal, but you get a very nice rubberized coating that helps protect it from falls or hits from BBs and other objects.

The included QD mount is also made of very sturdy metal. It’s easily detachable and is ready to fit all 20mm RIS. Even the polarizing filter feels cold to touch, hinting that it too is made of some metal alloy or aluminum.

The only plastic part that you can see is the sensor on the front just below the lens.


I really liked this red dot, because of the diameter (24mm), using two eyes at the same time is much simpler and aiming down is also faster. The lens is just slightly tinted in a bluish color, but totally acceptable. The lens also doesn’t seem to suffer from any distortion and the reticle is small and fine. The reticle is red, unlike the original Trijicon Reflex, which is amber, but it is very bright on broad daylight and is very well-defined.

Thanks to the design of the body, this sight doesn’t suffer from any reflection problems, which is great, because this is one of the worst nightmares on most replicas in airsoft!

Also there’s no visible parallax, together with no reflections from the sun thanks to its design, a clear lens and a bright red dot, make it a near to perfect replica.

The only thing I would have preferred was to have a regular red dot instead of the triangle shape, but this is more of a personal preference rather than an issue.


Just like the real steel version, this replica comes with a polarizing filter which allows the user to adjust the contrast. Operation couldn’t be simpler: just attach it to your AEG, remove the dust cover and start shooting!

That’s right, thanks to a built in light sensitive sensor, this red dot not only adjusts the brightness level automatically according to how bright the environment you’re in is, but it will also turn off the reticle when it's completely dark, thus saving battery.

The only issue you might find when using it is if you lose the lens cover, or forget to cover the front part of the red dot where the sensor is located, you could drain out the battery. But if you never forget to cover it, even with a piece of cloth that blocks the light, you won’t have much to worry.

Battery replacement can be a bit awkward since you need two different tools to get to the battery compartment. First you must remove the mount and afterwards the battery cover must also be removed, so you can access the two AG13 batteries.

The Reflex Red Dot is adjustable in both windage and elevation, being that there are two dedicated hex screws that can be easily adjusted and have a nice feedback when doing so by producing a nice click sound for each step.

Another great feature they’ve included is the polarizing filter which can be easily adjusted by rotating the outer ring on the filter.

The polarizing filter is very extremely useful, not only to improve contrast and prevent too much light to go through the lens, but it also reduces the flash produced by the lens as you can see in the following photos, mitigating the flashing effect of the lenses that compromises concealment.


The JJ Airsoft Reflex Red Dot is a near perfect airsoft Red Dot sight, which keeps operation simple and provides a high quality aiming solution for any Airsofter.

The polarizing filter for me is a great accessory that brings value to the product and provides an added level of realism to an already very close to the real steel replica.

JJ Airsoft also carry this model in TAN and they do have another model where the screws on the mount are a perfect replica of the real Trijicon: JA-5026.


  • Construction
  • Ease of operation
  • Clear unreflective lens
  • Bright dot
  • Nice polarizing filter


  • Battery access