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JJAirsoft ACOG With Mini Red Dot

What if you could have a mid/long-range and short range optics solution that is easy to alternate and readily available in just one package? Well, this combo of an ACOG 4x32 replica with a mini red dot mounted on it from JJAirsoft is exactly that.

But exactly how good is it and how can it be useful for you as an Airsofter?

RWL Nighthawk Custom Recon CO2 Version

Considered to be the best handgun in history according to many firearms enthusiasts, the “Yankee Fist” (M1911/M1911A1 to the uninitiated) had so many variations that it's hard to keep track all of them and now here's another one for you to gawk at: The Nighthawk Custom.

Invader Gear Para Smock Everglade

Have you ever heard of Invader Gear? Well, until a few weeks ago I hadn’t, but thanks to, who invited me to review this great jacket, I now know one of their products: the Para Smock Everglade.  This seems to be a new brand that somehow has something to do with Claw Gear (a brand I already had contact with last year).

Tokyo Marui MP7A1 Gas Blowback PDW

The real deal MP7A1 is made by the German manufacturer Heckler and Koch and is a small but deadly machine pistol intended as a PDW or Personal Defensive Weapon that fires 4.6 x 30 calibre rounds. It was produced to compete directly with the FN P90 in the PDW market. It boasts of three great characteristics: fire power and size of a submachine gun, range of an assault rifle and small size CQB dimensions.


AltaContour Knee and Elbow Pads

This will be another review on our Airsoft High Protection Series here at Popular Airsoft, where I have been reviewing gear that provides the Airsofter with an increased level of protection in case you are considering some very tough terrains, or if you’re looking into going rappelling with your AEG.

A-Two Tactical 1961G AOR2

Getting right to the point, I don’t want to bore you with a history lesson about AOR2 and the 1961G. You have Google for that. What I will tell you about is the company, the piece of gear I got, and what I think of it along with the whole experience in dealing with A-Two to get the said item.


Rapdom T12 Kevlar Tactical Gloves Khaki

Sometimes, when you are in the market for a pair of gloves, you might be looking for some extra protection for your hands when on the field or at work. Kevlar is usually the way to go since it adds extra protection, against abrasion cuts and even fire.

KJW Tactical Elite M9 GBB Pistol

The KJW Tactical Elite M9 is a full metal derivative of the Tokyo Marui M9 design. It comes in a cardboard and styrofoam box with a KJW catalog, manual, sample BBs, allen wrench and what looks like a spare inner barrel but is actually an old school BB speed loader. The Beretta M9 has been the standard pistol of all branches of the US military since 1985 when it replaced the .45cal Colt 1911. It is a double and single action semi-automatic pistol with a capacity of 15+1 rounds of 9mm parabellum.

C.66 Quick Detach Flashlight Mount

This is the CYMA C66 Tactical Quick Detach AK Flashlight Mount. It comes in a plain brown box packed with bubble wrap. It is made  of of a single piece of nylon polymer and feels solid and durable. It has a textured finish with visible mould lines. It is designed to quickly mount and detach, locking onto the cross cuts on Picatinny style 20mm rails. Though labeled an AK mount, it is compatible with most other guns.

Angel Custom G2 Tight Bore Barrel 6.01mm

Angel Custom has released their Generation 2 Ultra Grade Tight Bore Inner Barrels. Like their predecessor, the G2's have a 6.01 internal diameter, the tightest available in mass produced tight bores. We tested the 230mm length for P90's and G36Cs provided by