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MAPA Camo Review

Polish company MASKPOL SA have released a collection of tactical clothing and gears in the very unique MAPA (Multi-environment Adaptive PAttern) camouflage with a target market for civilian and professional users.

The MAPA is a camouflage based on analyzing a thousand photographic samples of forests in Poland. Thanks to such an advanced technique, it was possible to distinguish the appropriate color proportion occurring in the forest area. The MAPA, compared to all other masking systems, best reflects the color palette of forests in Eastern Europe.  

Camouflage alone in the absence of appropriate tactical clothing and equipment adapted to the forest conditions would be useless. Maskpol knew how important it is to care for quality and modern design solutions for products he proposed in the MAPA camouflage.

MAPA is no longer just a camouflage, but a whole system of modern tactical gear in one of the most effective camouflages developed by Ph.D. Maciej Dojlitko

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MASKPOL’s equipment in the MAPA camouflage is characterized by an uncompromising approach regarding the materials used and design solutions. The basis for the construction is a plate carrier that meets modern design standards. Light shooting belt fastened with Velcro, allowing for safe and, above all, comfortable carrying of the equipment. The pouch is characterized by a slimmer design thanks to laser-cut technology. The clothing offered by MASKPOL under the MAPA line includes a wide range of items. Gaiters, softshell fleece, combat pants, summer combat shirt, uniform sweatshirt, caps, and multifunctional scarves. Thanks to such a rich offer, we can maintain the masking qualities of MAPA camouflage and high-quality gear from head to toe.
It is an exciting alternative to competing camouflage systems that do not have such consolidated products in their camouflage.

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The next step was to design an appropriate pattern that effectively breaks down the silhouette of a human being at closer and further distances. The macro and micro patterns were created based on appropriately modified photos of forest flora, which allowed the author to distinguish repeating shapes in nature.  
All these factors, carefully studied, contributed to creating one of the most effective camouflages that is now available in the civilian market.

Our friends from Gunfire have sent us a set for us to try out.

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At first glance, I thought the pattern was very unique and very busy to the eyes, it seems like it was designed by combining different camouflage patterns and putting them all into one. Having a predominantly green colour, one may say that the MAPA Camo is more suited for woodland terrain but it does surprisingly adapt well to other forms of environment.



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I love this shirt and trouser combination. The material used which are made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester with rip stop weave, are so light weight that is makes them very comfortable to wear.

The combat shirt is a UBACS style shirt with the body made of breathable fabric material. The sleeves feature 2 shoulder pockets, pockets for elbow pads and Velcro adjustable cuffs. Also, there are Velcro panels on each shoulder for attaching patches. The sleeves are loose giving the user more range of motion with arm movements.

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The combat trousers are made of the same lightweight fabric. The pair features 7 functional pockets including 2 large cargo pockets on each leg. Like the combat shirt, it also has pockets to accommodate knee pads.

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The combat belt comes in two parts, a Velcro belt and the main combat belt that attaches over it. The combat belt features laser cut MOLLE system for attaching belt accessories such as mag pouches and holsters. The buckle is made of metal with a quick release system feature. The belt is also adjustable in length and the Velcro belt ensures that the main combat belt stays in place.

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Made of Cordura 770, the tactical plate carrier is designed to carry SAPI ballistic plates and also features Rapid Open Connector or ROC buckles for quick release. It also features shoulder pads for comfort and a soft mesh inner lining.

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The MOLLE or webbing system is laser cut and is compatible with any MOLLE type attachments. There are two Velcro panels on the front and rear for patches adjustable cummerbunds along the shoulder straps.

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The baseball cap is also made from the same fabric weigh rip stop weave. It is fully adjustable and has a Velcro patch at the front.

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All of the MOLLE style attachments are made of Cordura material. The mag pouches also feature elastic drawstrings for size and tightness adjustments. The mag pouches are designed to accommodate various size magazines. What I like best about the mag pouches is that, for me, they are not very tall or deep which makes the magazines stick out more and makes it easier for me to locate the mags without needing to look down. They also have their own laser cut webbings which enables the user to stock or attaché them on top of each other.

The MOLLE straps have a stiffened tip which makes them really easy to thread through the laser cut webbings and they tuck in nicely back into their own webbing for a neat look.

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MASKPOL have made a really good work with their MAPA range. The light weight material makes the clothing feel nice to wear and do not give you that unnecessary weight that adds to all the equipments you need to carry with you. The quality of the stitching appears very durable the rip stop weave feature will add to the longevity of the product.

The tactical vest and the combat belt have a very high quality finish and the laser cut MOLLE system looks very hard wearing and will endure countless threading of attachments. Durability is very important for most users as it is not cheap to fund hobbies like airsoft, therefore the longer your gears last the more money you can save for other stuff that needs purchasing. The webbing design is also very neat to look at and almost hides itself into the material.

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The MAPA Camouflage design does need some getting used to as it is not one of the most commonly worn or used pattern in airsoft but as the photos show, it works very well and does its job. The pattern, for me, is a great addition to all the usual camouflage patterns that airsofters have been commonly using throughout the years. It is time for something new and the quality of these products makes them worthwhile purchases.

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