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The MFG Venom by Incentive Designs

Incentive Designs MFG Venom

The MFG Venom is a very ingenious device made to simulate the effects of a muzzle flash generated when a rifle or any firearm is fired. Created by a team of dedicated airsoft enthusiasts, the MFG Venom is made from high quality and robust materials and is engineered to last and survive the rigours of any airsoft skirmish you can think of. The people behind this product are so confident of it that they gave it a lifetime warranty. Now that says a lot of the product already.

We met Incentive Design guys at the last Ground Zero event here in the UK and I was pretty impressed with their products. But what stood out was the MFG Venom. The body is made from metal and painted in flat black. It is a bit bigger than your average flash hider as there is a need to house all the electronics. The only thing that is externally connected is the power source. On the package you will get the MFG Venom which comes with a battery connector for a 9-volt square battery, a lifetime warranty certificate and a deans connector. According to the people who made this product, the MFG Venom can be connected directly to the AEG power source and there is no worry of it burning out. One of the samples they were showing was connected to a car battery.

If you look through the barrel of the MFG Venom (please do this only when the MFG Venom is disconnected from your AEG) you will find LED lights placed around the base of the barrel. The inside wall of it is polished very well to make a shiny surface. What this does is when the LED lights flash, the light that they emit is reflected by the shiny inner wall and illuminates the inside of the MFG Venom even more giving the effect of a muzzle flash as the light leaks out of the holes or vents placed around the body instead of just LEDs flashing. Another great feature the MFG is that it will only flash if a BB is fired through it. It has a built in sensor which will activate the lights only when the sensors detect a BB round. This is a great feature in the dark as an airsoft player user will know if the AEG is dry firing when the AEG is continuously fired but no muzzle flash is generated indicating an empty magazine.

The MFG Venom works well even in daytime. The only thing to bear in mind is that the flash will not be seen by the shooter in bright daylight conditions but will be seen by the person you are shooting at. Hence, the MFG Venom is at its best in the dark as the flash will be very visible to both shooter and target as long as stealth is not a concern for the shooter. Another way of getting the most out of the MFG Venom is to use it with a GBB or Gas Blow Back rifle. The light illuminates the gas that escapes out of the barrel when the GBB rifle is fired creating an even better muzzle flash and smoke effect. The sensor of the MFG Venom, as I was informed, is always on once the battery is connected therefore the unit uses power all the time as long unless the battery is disconnected. This means that the MFG Venom will drain your battery whilst connected the battery even if the airsoft gun is not in use. With this in mind it will probably be best if the power source of the MFG is kept separate from the AEG power source to prevent unnecessary draining of the AEG battery.


The MFG Venom is a very impressive bit of airsoft ingenuity. It takes the airsoft gun a step closer to making it as close to reality as it possibly can without the lethality of a real firearm. It will cause a debate for sure and will make players weight its pros and cons on how practical it is to use in skirmishes. For me, I don't really care as it is one of the coolest airsoft gadgets that I have come across with.


  • Made from high quality materials
  • Attaches easily to your airsoft rifle. No modifications needed.
  • Battery wire is long enough to reach into the handguard of a long barrel M4 rifle
  • Can accommodate high voltage power source
  • Can be connected directly to the AEG power source
  • Can be used in broad daylight 


  • Will surely give away your position in a skirmish
  • May cause unnecessary battery drain as unit is always on when connected to the battery
  • Not cheap