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Tac-Up Gear Swedish BDU M90K (Desert)

Tac-Up Gear Swedish BDU M90K (Desert)

Swedish uniforms are very popular among airsoft players. They have a unique camouflage pattern that is edgy but proven very effective. The Swedish army and camouflage experts experimented to get the ultimate camouflage during late 80’s, giving birth to the Swedish M90.   The green M90 comes in different types depending on which unit and in what type of terrain you are to serve in. The M90K, desert colored camouflage is the latest addition.

It is still an experimental battle dress uniform (BDU) and currently assigned only to operators of the Nordic Battle Group, as well as other personnel serving in Afghanistan and other desert countries. It is really hard to get hold of a genuine M90K since the Swedish army burns uniforms after they are worn-out.

Photo of a real M90K

The Tac-Up Gear M90K

The Swedish company Tac-Up Gear is owned by Martin Sandgren who also is the designer. Tac-Up Gear has designed and produced high-quality gears for many years. The M90K is their latest model. It is a straight copy of the original M90K—the jacket, trousers, boonie hat, field cap, bush hat, and scarf.

General Design

Tac-Up Gear’s M90K is truly a very well-designed BDU, with the fabric very similar to the original M90K—light-weight 100% rip-stop cotton, printed on one side with the distinguishable geometric camouflage pattern with cream-colored underside. The print retains its color very well even after a few washing.

All critical seams are double-stitched and buttons are sewed on good.  Zippers are sturdy plastic YKK-type with small straps for easy handling with gloved hands.

The design and features of the Tac-Up Gear M90K is indeed very similar to the original M90K.


First of all, I have to say that the trousers are extremely comfortable to wear. I have walked around with the pants on for many days and it gets better every hour. It is very light-weight, and nothing on the underside scrapes your skin—very loose and roomy, allowing the wearer to move freely.

Starting from the top, the pants has a reinforced upper sleeve with the belt loops sewed on. The belt loops are of an even sturdier khaki-colored fabric. It has no waist adjustment flaps, like the ones found on USGI BDUs. It has double-type waist buttons and a zip-fly.

The trousers features a four-pocket design—one upper pocket on each side closed by a push-button tacks and one big zip-closed pocket on each thigh. The knees are kind of a pre-bent design with double layers of fabric. The knee area is very good since it ensures enough room to bend the legs without the trousers getting too tight.

Towards the bottom end of the trousers, an additional reinforcement is sewed on. This is to endure possible wear-and-tear brought about by rubbing the ankles together when marching. An elastic band, supported by two push-button tacks, ensures a snug fit to the ankle.

A side zip allows the wearer to take the pants off with boots on. A special fastening cord, which tightens around the boots, gives it a “bloused” look.


The long-sleeved jacket is similar to the battle shirt common in USGI BDUs. It is very comfortable, even when with prolonged use. The shirt is closed by buttons and at the bottom a Velcro strip. All the buttons, except the one on top, are concealed.

There are two pockets on the chest closed by dual Velcro strips. Just slightly below the collar is a chest packet with tight loops for attaching nametags or reflexes. To the right of the left chest pocket is a Swedish standard insignia. The arms have Velcro panels for attaching flags, etc., and just below the panels on either side are buttons for attaching the strip on the underside of the sleeves, used to hold the cuff when worn with the sleeves rolled half-way up. The cuffs have Velcro strips to adjust the tightness according to the wearer’s wrists. Reinforcements are sewed on the elbows.

There is a special technique in folding the sleeves to ensure that it doesn’t unfold. First, turn the sleeve inside-out, up to the button below the Velcro panels. Fold it in 7cm to 8cm sections until the securing strip is exposed, which you secure on the button. Fold the cuff over to cover the folded sleeve and securing strip.

Boonie Hat

The boonie hat is made from the same fabric as that of the jacket and trousers. It looks fantastic together with the shirt and trousers. It has a Velcro sewed around in loops, which enables you to attach different things to the hat. A cord with an adjustment loop is attached to the boonie. There are two ventilation holes on each side of the hat and its has a wide brim.

Field Cap

The field cap’s inside is lined with a mesh liner to make it more comfortable and cool. It is adjustable by a Velcro strip in the back. There are also foldable ear protectors. They look really goofy when folded out but they work perfectly. The ear protectors fit snuggly to the ears thanks to an elastic strip in the back.


This is a fantastic battle dress. It looks great, works great and is made of high quality material. So far I have only found one minor thing to complain about—the depth of the upper pockets on the trousers. They are not deep enough to hold items securely. I advised Tac-Up Gear about this minor design “flaw”, and they promised to address the issue in the near future.

All in all, if you find it difficult to lay your hands on a genuine M90K, this “copy” is as close as to the real thing. Indeed a “kick-ass” product.