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PTS Masada GBBR & More At eHobby Asia

Two gas powered airsoft guns are now in stock at eHobby Asia. The first one is the newly released PTS Masada Gas Blowback Rifle which is just now arriving at stockists in Hong Kong. The second one is also the new variant of the APS M870 Shell Ejecting CO2 Shotgun, the APS CAM 870 Police Model MAGNUM Shotgun.

ICS CXP APE & More Items At eHobby Asia

Lots of new goodies this week at eHobby Asia. They now have the ICS CXP AGE, including the black and two-tone versions. Other airsoft arrivals are the AABB Standalone Grenade Launcher 6 Position Stock Full Set, ARES SA VZ.58 Short Airsoft Assault AEG Rifle, and WE P38 L Classic Pistol. Weapons accessories are those from Dytac and Blade-Tech whilst tactical gear come from LALO and Haley Strategic Partners.

AABB Magpul-Style 870 Airsoft Shotguns

In stock right now at EB Airsoft are two replica airsoft 870 Shotguns made by AABB and kitted with some Magpul-style M870 shotgun accessories with no trademarks. The materials is made of metal and fibre-reinforced polymer with the magazine capacity at 22 BBS. It fires at 360fps with a pump-action air cocking that allows you to fire 1-round at a time.

HK416C-Style Stock for 416/M4 AEGs

If you're looking for the HK416-C stock, there are two versions made by AABB available at EB Airsoft. One is for the 416C GBB whilst the second should be popular amongst AEG owners as this one's made for the 416 or M4 AEGs. For some custom work, you can convert your existing M4 or 416 with a compact and telescopic stock for that M4 AEG pistolised version.

AABB M79 Grenade Launcher In Stock

Itching for more grenade launchers? Here's an alternative to the King Arms M79 Grenade Launcher as AABB offer their own version of the Thumper and obviously called as the AABB M79 Airsoft 40mm Grenade Launcher which is now in stock at EB Airsoft for US$219.22, shipping already included. This can take in the 40mm BB shells from most manufacturers but contact EB airsoft if in doubt.

EB Airsoft: Standalone GLs Coming Soon

Coming soon to EB Airsoft are some AABB Standalone Grenade Launchers. Expected to be in stock by 20 December 2013, these are two sets with long and short versions. The full sets come with their own stock for stable handling whilst the other sets need to have their own stock bought for it. No pricing revealed but it will surely include free shipping when it will be available.

AABB X300 Tactical Light at EB Airsoft

The Surefire X300 Tactical Handgun and Long Gun LED Weaponlight, for those who have been looking for one, is already a discontinued product. For those in airsoft, they are lucky that there are replica products of this, and AABB have two versions in black or dark earth colours which you can buy at EB Airsoft for US$45.52 each.

Xmas Countdown Sale, PDR, & PVS-14 NVG

A good list of new items and the Christmas announcement from eHobby Asia starting with the items from Magpul PTS, FMA, MadBull Airsoft, AABB, and a custom work for the KJ Works KC-02. But one thing for sure, readers would be interested in a PVS-14-style NVG that actually works so no need to spend big bucks on an NVG system that you just use for airsoft night games. More details below:

"Counting down to a Merry Christmas with these great new items.

AABB Functional PVS14-Style NVG

Here's your chance to own an AN/PVS-14 Monocular NVG without paying its actual price. An AABB replica of this NVG is now available and it's powered by 2 Double A batteries, and is encased in a plastic body. As to the quality of the night vision, we assume this is a Gen1 night vision type. It's right now in stock at EB Airsoft for US$209.00.

AABB Zombie Stopper Red/Green Dot Sight

Well, it didn't take for Chinese manufacturers to rip-off the EOTech XPS2 Zombie Stopper Design as EB Airsoft announce a replica made by AABB. It comes with a red/green Biohazard reticle, and biozahard markings just like the EOTech version. As for the price, it's US$48.89 which will surely make a airsoft zombie hunters happy. It's available in black and dark earth colours.