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Action Air

Putting Together An Action Air Kit

Maciej Piwowarski, prominent Polish Action Air Shooter, shows you how to put together an Action Air kit in this Gunfire video. Action Air is the designation for Airsoft Practical Shooting by the IPSC... "Are you interested in the subject of IPSC Action Air? Our player Maciej Piwowarski presents what equipment is needed to start competitions."

2018 TPSA Level III Action Air Championship

Action Air shooters looking for more airsoft practical shooting in East Asia might look to Taiwan this December. The Taiwan Practical Shooting Association (TPSA) are hosting the 2018 TPSA Level III Action Air Championship on the 15th to the 16th of December 2018 in Kaoshiung... "I.P.S.C.-Taiwan is pleased to invite you and all your Action Air competitors to join us in Kaohsiung, Taiwan for the Taiwan Action Air Championship, 2018, an I.P.S.C.

The British Practical Shooting Show 2018

The First British Practical Shooting Show is set on the 6th - 7th October 2018. Various shooting disciplines, Action Air included, will be able to showcase products and accessories that practical shooters need. This is hosted by Target Sports Centre and will take place at the Westpoint Centre in Exeter, Devon.

RWTV: First Action Air World Shoot Recap

Find out what happened at the First Action Air World Shoot in this video recap of what took place by RedWolf Airsoft TV... "The first IPSC Action Air World Shoot was a resounding success and here's a video to recap it all! Action Air! A Reintroduction to IPSC for Airsoft."

Multi-Gun Syndicate UK Airsoft Match

Airsoft Fury posts what happened during the Multi-Gun Syndicate UK Airsoft Match. He says that this the inaugural shoot of the 3 Gun Nation Action Air Club. It looks like that after practical pistol action air, 3 Gun is fast taking roots for competitive airsoft in the United Kingdom.


RWTV: First Action Air World Shoot

The RedWolf Airsoft TV get themselves ready for the first Action Air World Shoot in Hong Kong which will start tomorrow... "The officially recognized of airsoft portion of IPSC, Action Air World Shoot is just around the corner and Max preps Tim and Mark when it comes to the competition they will be facing!"

A Reintroduction To IPSC For Airsoft

With the first Action Air World Shoot just around the corner, RedWolf Airsoft TV with the Airsoft Surgeon, explain the airoft discipline which is the official designation by the IPSC of airsoft practical pistol shooting... "The officially recognized of airsoft portion of IPSC, Action Air World Shoot is just around the corner, what a great time to revisit this topic!"

1st Stronghand Level 2 Action Air Match

Stronghand Shooting Range are hosting their 1st Stronghand Invitational Action Air Level 2 Match this weekend. Sanctioned by the PPSA this will take place at their shooting range along E. Rodriguez Senior Avenue in Quezon City, Philippines. This match serves as a tune-up for the Philippine team to the First Action Air World Shoot in Hong Kong by the end of June 2018.

IPSC Action Air Championship In Brazil

Paulista Federation of Practical Shooting (PFTP) are inviting airsoft practical shooters to participate in the IV Stage of the IPSC Paulista Championship 2017- ACTION AIR. This will take place on the 29th of October with an RO Pre-Match on the 28th. This event will take place at the CTTR Recon, Rua Sebastião Bach, 89, Vila Leopoldina, São Paulo, Brazil. Registration is still ongoing.

ASG Dan Wesson At Action Air Match

Paul Wignell shares a video from Chi Hong on the use of the ASG Dan Wesson Revolver for an Action Air/Practical Airsoft Pistol Shooting Match... "Chi Hong one of the Netherlands top open division shooters (if not the best) takes up Action Air IPSC Revolver Division. Chi using the ASG Dan Wesson revolver with ASG MoonClip with Speed clips. Great job Chi."