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Action Air

Destination Philippines Action Air Competition

The final teaser video for the upcoming Destination Philippines Action Air International Tournament that will be held in Mactan Island, Cebu from the 6th to the 8th of July. Action Air players from Hong Kong, Thailand, and other countries will be converging on this island. This is a PPSA-sanctioned Level 1 Match with a "Level 3" atmosphere and open to all action shooters wanting to try their skills against other action air shooters. The Airsoft Surgeon is a main sponsor of this event and will be appearing too.

HK Shooters Pro Handgun Challenge 2012

HK Shooters recently concluded their ProHandgun Challenge 2012 last 27 May with a pre-match held on 26 May. This was an Action Air (Airsoft IPSC) event that had several categories such as Open, Standard, Production, and Classic with different levels of skills also included. The event was held at the Wi-Fire Adventure Center.

eHobby Asia Int'l. Airsoft IPSC Open Winners

With the conclusion of the eHobby Asia International Airsoft IPSC International Open Invitational 2012 which was held over the weekend, the winners are the following: Simon Lu (Champion), Tham Chee Wah (1st Runner-up) and Ken Scales (2nd Runner-up). This event was organised by eHobby Asia in cooperation with Shooters Association of Hong Kong.

Int'l. IPSC Action Air Challenge 2012 Details

Interested Action Air shooters with a competitive streak can download the rules and registration form for the Destination Philippines International IPSC Action Air Challenge 2012 which will be held on from the 6th to the 8th of July in Cebu, Philippines. This is a sanctioned Level 1 match so this means it's open to all.  Discussions about the tournament is at the IPSC Action Air Practical Shooting Facebook Page.

eHobby Asia Int'l. Airsoft IPSC Open 2012

Action Air competitions are hotting up in the South China Sea area with this international action air event being hosted by eHobby Asia in Hong Kong in cooperation with the Shooters Association of Hong Kong. Expect the best shooters in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South East Asia to race for the trophies and prizes at stake.

Action Air Tourney at Airsoft Arms Fair 5

Whilst the Airsoft Arms Fair 5 will be held on the 19th of May, it actually will hold an Action Air Tournament the day after so if you plan to join or watch this event, better block the 19th and 20th of May 2012 for both of these events... "AAF5 boasts another fantastic line up of retailers, sites, training courses, private sellers and for the first time distributors.

AIP Version 2 Cocking Handles

Made for the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Pistols, these AIP Version 2 Cocking Handles are for the custom made airsoft practical shooting race pistols. Made from aluminium, these are also ambindextrous, allowing you to unscrew the cocking handle from one side to place into the other side. Each costs US$15.79 at Get Reload.

Yosser Gets The Action Air Bug

And indeed it did as he posts at his Yosser's Airsoft Odyssey Blog. Teaser photo above is the Team CZ at the World IPSC Championship (if this is 2011, then it was in Greece)... "It looks like I’ve been bitten by the bug that is AIPSC (Airsoft International Practical Shooting Confederation) from my 1st taster session at AAF4 so I’ve been searching the interwebs for more stuff.

Yosser's Action Air Video At The AAF4

Yosser's Airsoft Odyssey posts the latest video taken during the Airsoft Arms Fair 4. As reported before, the organisers have put up an Action Air shooting course during the fair. The Grange have bigger plans for Action Air come next year, and this video shows that Action Air or Airsoft IPSC is now starting to take root and get more attention in the UK.

1st PPSA Southern Tagalog Action Air Open

The 1st Southern Tagalog Action Air Open was held last 26-27 March 2011 in Batangas, Philippines. This is 7-stages for handguns, and 4-stages for rifles, PPSA-sactioned Level 2 Match. Action Air shooters from different parts of the Philippines gathered together to test their skills in airsoft practical shooting with Jordan Gaw winning the event.