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Adriatic Airsoft-Alfa

The Island: Specna Arms Retribution Event

Adriatic Airsoft Alfa are preparing for their next event on the island of Mrčara off the coast of Croatia called The Island: Specna Arms Retribution which means this is presented by Specna Arms. This is set in June 2019... "After the “Black Berets” conflict, Colonel Semjonov forces got in possession of nuclear missiles launching codes and took control over NATO’s launching command center.

The Pathfinder II - Redemption Trailer

Adriatic Airsoft-Alfa announce the next event in their Pathfinder Series, the Pathfinder II - Redemption where the fittest airsoft players try to survive on the Island Mrčara off the coast of Croatia in June 2016... "Get ready for REDEMPTION. Official registration will start 1.1.2016. via the official game web site. ONE ISLAND. ONE ADVENTURE. REDEMPTION FOR LIFE. Only for the bravest!"

Alpha-Omega Protocol Photos Now Up!

Adriatic Airsoft-Alfa has put up photos of the Alpha-Omega Protocol, the third part of the Operation Rising Sun series that were played on the Croatian island of Mrčara. Looks like everyone had a blast at the game with good food and fantastic players. Now, we're looking forward to an AAR of the event to find out what transpired during the event.

Lucid Mind's Delta Force Set for Mrčara

Christophe "Lucid Mind" Lefebvre will be embarking on an important mission on Wednesday with this Delta Force Team. As part of the JSOF (Joint Special Operation Forces), they are tasked, with other units to finally end Hornets' Nest of the ILA. This will be the third part of the Alpha-Omega Protocol of the Operation Rising Series of Adriatic Airsoft-Alpha on the island of Mrčara which will take place on the 12th to the 15th of June.

Op. Rising Sun: Genesis Project Photos

With the recent conclusion of Op. Rising Sun: Genesis Project that was held in Island Mrcara, off the coast of Split, Croatia, photos are streaming and being posted. Alpha Airsoft have posted their set and shows a good set of action and after-action photos in the game. Island Mrcara offers one of the most scenic settings to hold an airsoft event with fantastic views.

You Can Rent An Airsoft Island for Summer

How about that? An island to all for yourselves when you want to play airsoft all week long. Adriatic Airsoft-Alfa is offering their island in Croatia for players interested in a very, very, very private airsoft game.... "Our company 'Morski konjic d.o.o.' from Split, Croatia, owns several islands in Adriatic sea.