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Airsoft South Africa: ICS BLE XFG Review

Deon Vzyl of Airsoft South Africa, and an ICS Captain as well, posts his video fo the ICS BLE XFG Gas Blowback Pistol... "Season 2 kicks off with our ICS XFG review. Thanks to Blades and Triggers and ICS for sponsoring this review item. Got a item for review ? Contact us. Welcome back guys & girls.I hope you enjoy this episode of South African Airsoft.Lets get this video to 20 Likes! Please comment with your Airsoft Questions to get props and to have it answered on the show."

Painting Airsoft With BB Ross

It's a painting session in this video from and watch their inhouse maestro, BB Ross show you the joy of painting airsoft... "Sit back and relax to BB Ross' smooooooooooooth demo on how to paint your Airsoft Guns. Check out for more of the radest custom cerakote paint jobs of B.R.O M4s, SAI GRYs, Krytac Vectors and much more."

Pilot Episode: What Is 6mm TV?

An Airsoft YouTube Channel just posted their pilot episode. Dedicated mainly to Philippine airsofters, one its members is Wancho, one of the more well-known geardos in the Philippines and is steady helping hand to Popular Airsoft... "Launching a Pilot Episode for our Airsoft Channel! Here's Quiet, Kenobi, Ghost and Wancho to tell us more about 6mm TV and what you can expect from this channel."

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3-Gun Nation Airsoft 2017 Round 3

We get to see some 3-Gun Nation Airsoft as Joe Lau gets into action for the  3-Gun Nation Airsoft 2017 Round 3 that was held recently. In this event he won the Overall Real-Action Practical Division. 3-Gun is a shooting sports discipline where shooters show their proficiency with the pistol, rifle, and shotgun, shooting at targets at the fastest time possible.

The BB Warrior: Is Airsoft A Sport?

A question that remains unanswered though for us we just accept it as both a sport and a hobby depending on how the airsofter treats airsoft. The BB Warrior discusses this in this video... "Today we'll be discussing if airsoft is a sport; this is pretty heavily debated and should be an interesting topic."

AW Custom Airsoft & Airgun Divisions

AW Custom, also known as Armorer Works, are now into producing Airguns and you might be confused since the products they will be producing for their Airgun division will look the same as the Airsoft gun. Here is a video to help you... "AW Custom will now divide into two sections - AIRSOFT and AIRGUN. Our Air Gun Series features a whole new Air Gun system and it is going to deliver both realistically-robust recoil action and addicting shooting experience with maximum velocity.

FFA: How Airsoft Helped Beat My Anxiety

Femme Fatale Airsoft talks more about her problems with anxiety and how airsoft helped her cope... "Back in November 2016 I revealed in a livestream that I had to take a substantial period of time off work (4 months to be exact) with work related stress. I had been diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder 4 years earlier but managed to beat it, or so I thought with CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), exercise, diet and sheer willpower.

Tactical Shirts Airsoft: Specna Arms SA-H01

Tactical Shirts Airsoft reviews the Specna Arms SA-H01 AEG. This looks similar to the HK416C as seen in its retractable stock and features the "Enter and Convert" quick spring change system, allowing to downgrade or upgrade the power of the AEG to meet an airsoft site limits or local regulations.This is powered via battery in a PEQ box.

How To Make A Loadout Stand

Having a loadout stand in which your gear are hung together when not playing also help remind you which gear goes where when you are about to go for that next game or milsim event. Airsoft Wolverines show you how to make one so you don't have to spend much... "What's up guys and gals? Today I have a tutorial on how to make your own inexpensive loadout stand.


DrPepperAirsoft: Best Cameras For Airsoft

DrPepperAirsoft makes a list of best action cameras that you can buy to record your airsoft gameplay... "Hey Guys! Coming out with another awesome video for you guys to watch! This video is on three different cameras for airsoft, the ATN Shot Trak XD, GoPro session and Hero 3 Silver. Good times, good times. Enjoy! I hope you enjoy this video."