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GHK Open-Bolt System AKMSU GBB

One of the finer looking gas blowback airsoft AK rifles from GHK is now in stock at Airsoft Panda. The GHK Open-Bolt System AKMSU GBB has the GHK's newly redesigned internal structure and an even more solid constriction. This has a fully stamped steel folding stock, laminatd real wood handguard, heavy blowback, and realistic markings.

As for the price, it's US$385.00 at Airsoft Panda.

DBoys Full Metal HK416 w/ Markings

If you're looking again for a more affordable HK416 AEG, you may just be in the market for the DBoys HK416 AEG which is a full metal one with collapsible stock and has the markings which we're not sure if they got a license from Umarex. It's available again and you can find it at Airsoft Panda, where they're selling it for US$180.00.

CYMA 36C AEG Airsoft Nylon-Fiber Version

Now in stock at Airsoft Panda is this CYMA 003 or their own airsoft version of the H&K G36C. This has full nylon-fibre material including the stock which they say that this AEG is extreme durable and instructible. The flash hider is full metal, with adjustable hop-up and compatible with the Tokyo Marui G36 AEG magazines. Price is US$124.00.

PPS New Gen 48-Round GP-25 Grenade Shell

New product from PPS is this new-gen GP-25 Gas Grenade Shell that has a unique shape. It is made to fit the DBoys GP-25 Airsoft Grenade Launcher for AKs and powered by HFC134a/Top Gas/Red Gas. It has a capacity of 48 rounds, weighs 320 grams, the pin is auto reset after firing, and is now available at Airsoft Panda for US$22.00 for each shell.

China-made Full Metal M7A1 AEG

Budget-conscious airsoft players who want an M7A1 AEG might want to take a look at this ACM M7A1 AEG which is available at Airsoft Panda for US$153.00. It does not have any markings on the body or the rail area and the extendable stock is also the battery compartment. It also has a one-piece outer barrel with Fire Pig Flash Hider and TM-compatible magazines can be used with this.

Asia Electric Guns Full Metal SR-15 AEG

This full metal SR-15 AEG has Knight's trademarks and available at Airsoft Panda for US$144.00. It has full metal one piece outer barrel, CNC aluminium RAS handguard, cock to lock function is also available, flip-up rail front sight, 600 metre flip-up rear sight, and comes with a 300-round high capacity magazine. Price does not include shipping costs.

WE Black Lagoon Sword Cutlass Long

WE is not done yet with Japanese-inspired custom M9s as they follow KSC with their own take on the Black Lagoon M9 Sword Cutlass gas blowback airsoft pistol that is based on the Manga and Animated TV series made by Rei Hiroe. This pistol is full metal at outer barrel, slide and lower frame; there are special markings on both sides of the slide; and on the pistol grip you can see the cutlass medallion. This pistol is compatible with Tokyo Marui parts and magazines.

Classic Airsoft M1903A3 CO2 Ver. Prototype

A video of the airsoft prototype of the Springfield M1903A3 CO2 version is now available online. This will be made of metal and real wood and uses the 12g CO2 bottle. The hop-up bucking is compatible with the Tokyo Marui one, operation is similar to the Tanaka Kar98k. and it has a one-piece metal outer barrel. It is guaranteed that the cocking handle can give you the feeling of the real deal.

Tanaka Wood & Full Metal Mauser Kar98k

This Tanaka Realwood & Full Metal Mauser Kar98k Sniper Rifle that is being sold by Airsoft Panda costs US$1,299.00. This is a complete package as it comes with a 1.5x ZF1 scope and scope mount, upgrade with a Zeta Lab 6.03mm precision inner barrel. With the craftsmanship of Tanaka giving it a metal and wood look, this is good for reenactors and collectors.

China Made Full Metal Gas Blowback M9

Now you can use your existing KSC M9 System 7 magazines with an ACM clone. This ACM M9 airsoft gas blowback pistol is available for US$84.00 at Airsoft Panda. The slide, lower frame, and outer barrel are all made of metal and it's totall compatible with the KSC M9 System 7 airsoft pistol. It also comes with markings in case you want to ask that too.