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Airsoft War

FPS SWAT Siege Part 2 IRL

Another Airsoft War video from the TrueMOBSTER Team and this is the second part of their FPS SWAT Siege... "In Today's First Person Shooter Airsoft War In Real Life (IRL) the Swat team have to secure the high profile target! It's no easy task the swat team have to use their martial arts knowledge to take down the targets goons! Leave a comment with what you guys want to see next, is it another Fortnite irl video, or GTA Online/San Andreas video?"

BirnyX Airsoft War: Expectations vs Reality

From Airsoft vs Reality to Expectations vs Reality, Birnyx/Johny Deadline Picture Production got another airsoft video up... "Today BirnyX channel brings to you Airsoft War: Expectations vs Reality. In this video, we will show you what we expect to happen in an airsoft war (or what we want), then we will show you the reality (what actually happens). I hope you enjoy this BirnyX style of airsoft expectations vs reality.

Birnyx's Airsoft War - The Second Chance

This video from BirnyX/Johny Deadline Picture Production is about the respawn in airsoft, where players get a second life or more... "Each airsofter knows, the biggest difference between the airsoft war and reality is probably the respawn. That's the magic of the respawn, which gives you the second chance.

Our older video (inspired by Edge of Tommorow SCI-FI film), just re-edited to reach better experience.